As parents we are always doing for our kids. But what about us? This is why Mommy R+R was created.
To give moms a chill place to retreat with fun stories, activities and tips that will help them feel rejuvenated and recharged.

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Valerie Pierre Creator of Mommy R+R
Mommy R+R is a Brooklyn based self-care escape, exclusively for moms who are long overdue for a much needed mommy time out.
What sets this site apart from the rest is this is a KID-FREE space. There is no talk of strollers or baby products. This is strictly mommy self-care (get it R+R). Hey listen, we go on about our kids enough as it is and dammit moms need a space just for us.
What kinda topics will you find here? Well, you’ll get your self-care, health and wellness, fashion and beauty tips, places to visit in NYC and other relatable topics.
Have topic you want me to chat about or a product you want me to check out? Drop me an email at