For as long as I can remember I have never been a fan of Broadway. I mean ever. There was just something about the idea of actors talking then randomly busting out in song and jazz hands. That always freaked me out. I wanted no parts of their jazzy spirit fingers.

Although I will admit I was utterly enthralled with the CATS and Milford Plaza commercials in the 80’s.

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You may not know it but I am obsessed with Jill  Kargman and the Bravo television show Odd Mom Out. When it debuted last year I immediately saw myself in Jill, if I lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  Watching her weekly antics made it easy to declare Jill my “spirit animal”.

When I heard she was releasing a book entitled, ‘Sprinkle Gitter On My Grave

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Taking care of yourself as a stay at home parent is extremely important for yourself, as well as your children. When you have a kid, your life may seem like it revolves around your child, and on some level, it does. Because of that, you may forget to take care of yourself or worse you find your self questioning why you should, and that’s never a good thing.

Here’s some tips on taking care of yourself as a stay at home parent.

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I need to take a poll and find out if I’m the only one who cannot step foot outside unless you’re wear shoe insoles. If not, then awesome for you! I used to be like you. In my 20’s I used to be able to put on any kind of shoe regardless of its support and frolic around the concrete jungle.

Now that I’m in my 30’s that would be considered a no bueno.