As parents we are always doing for our kids. But what about for ourselves? This is why Mommy R+R was created.
To give moms a place to retreat to release the stress of their daily lives in order to feel rejuvenated and recharged.

To celebrate back to school season Mommy R+R is hosting a Boozy Brunch at EVEN Hotels Brooklyn. Join me on Saturday, September 30th, 2017 from 11am-1pm as moms of the community come together to bask in the joy that is back to school. As we eat and drink together we will have a round table discussion about the importance of self-care, and I will also share tips that will keep you feeling rejuvenated throughout the school year – no matter how many early morning extracurricular activities you have to attend.
Boozy Brunch tickets are $30 per person and will include lunch, bottomless cocktails and prosecco doughnuts from The Doughnut Project. It will also feature a tour of EVEN Hotels Brooklyn; the only hotel of it’s kind in all of Brooklyn that is centered around health and wellness. And as thank you all attendees will receive gift bags.
This brunch is intimate and has very limited seating. Tickets are on sale now.