Just because the kids are home for summer vacation that doesn’t mean that you can’t have me time, or that you have to break your pockets in order to enjoy these 10 summertime activities:

Take A Walk

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Going for a walk is an easy way to escape the house. It’s so easy to do. All you need to do is escape your house, pick a direction and start walking that way.  It costs you nothing, unless you get tired and  have to take public transportation back home.

Drive Around

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When your lazy factor kicks in hop in your car and  go for a spin. Yes it cost you a little gas BUT it will be worth the trade off as you’ll be able to listen to the music that you wanna listen to. So put your windows down, turn up the tunes and drive toward some peacefulness, or the liquor store which is pretty much the same thing.

Meet Up With Friends

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Meeting  up with friends can be hard. You have conflicting schedules etc. but when you plan it well enough in advance it will be the  best time for everyone. It doesn’t have to be  fancy either. Bring your own food and drink from home and meet up at the park or the pier and chill out together.  Being alone is nice. But being able to cut up with your friends is even better.

But if you want a fancy girls night I offer some great tips to hosting a mommy me time potluck dinner at home.

Bike Ride

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Biking is a personal favorite activity. If you have a bike at home, great! If not, then go out and get one if you have the room to store it. I don’t really recommend Citibike, you only get the first 30 minutes free and $4 for every 15 minutes. You can’t get lost in your thoughts in that little bit of time. I personally would just get a bike and find a good place to store it so that I can ride when and how far I want.

Take An Outdoor Fitness Class

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You always don’t have to pay for a fitness class. Check what your neighborhood has to offer and you’ll be surprised to see FREE classes that take place in you local park or pier. If you’re in NYC you need to check out the Parks & Rec site they have an entire listing of free fitness events.

Go To The Park

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Parks are such  a peaceful place to release your stress. There are so many things to do from walking and biking around, or laying out on the grass. If you check your local Parks and Rec page you’ll be able to find out which parks are hosting events.

Get Lost In A Bookstore

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I wouldn’t say this is a cheap way to get some me time, cause if you’re a book lover you WILL buy something. And with Barnes & Noble announcing that it would be selling alcohol there’s really a reason to visit. Books and wine, oh my!

Take A Nap

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Nuff said. Like wine, sleep makes everything better.

Get Some Ice Cream

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Whether at an ice cream shop or off an ice cream tuck enjoying a cone with sprinkles is an ultimate snack escape, especially when you don’t have to share. If you can’t get outside to enjoy your ice cream, Breyers has a delicious assortment of gelato’s that are totally worth checking out.

Watch A Movie Outdoors

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Bryant Park in NYC (Photo Credit: New York City Department of Parks & Recreation)

Catching a movie a movie in the park or on a rooftop is a great way to end a long  hot day. Go alone or take your partner with you. It doesn’t even matter if you know the movie or not. Just go for the chance to watch something on a big screen that isn’t animated and rated G.  If you’re in NYC Bryant Park hosts weekly movie in the park events that run through August. Check out the complete listing with movie selections.

If you need a sitter so that you can have some me time use Urbansitter. I found my sitter here – who is awesome! It’s a great service to use because it let’s you see who your friends and neighbors are using, as well as who is most popular in your area. Book your first sitter with them and I’ll give you $20 off!  That’s one hour of free time from me to you! You’re welcome!

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  1. I really need to meet up with my friends more. With this pokemon go app, I’m definitely walking a lot more. LOL. Thank you for the tips.

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