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Listening to podcasts have become a new form of self-care for me. I’m always on the move and being able to plug in and listen to some dope podcasts gives me a sense of peace and calm no matter where I am. I listen to a variety of podcasts that range from mental health and wellness, pop-culture, business, and politics. Here is a list of my favorites:

My Taught You hosted by Myleik Teele

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When Myleik isn’t curating products for CurlBOX she hosts the #MyTaughtYou podcast where women from all walks of life tune in for guidance and a healthy dose of motivation to live life on their own terms.

Black Girl in OM

podcasts valerie pierre tma blog maria antoinette

Black Girl In Om is your go-to for all things wellness, self-care, and self-love for women of color. BGIO (as it’s known by) uplifts, affirms, informs and features special guest yogis, holistic lifestylists, clean beauty experts and as well as movers, shakers, and innovators within the wellness and beauty industry.

Therapy for Black Girls hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

podcasts valerie pierre tma blog maria antoinette

Therapy for Black Girls is an online space that encourages the mental wellness of Black women and girls. Hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford breaks the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy that prevent Black women from seeing a therapist. She presents mental health topics in a way that feels accessible and relevant.

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