I was invited by Nicole of Momtrends to preview a new documentary film called ‘40 Weeks‘. The film presented by Big Belli follows more than a dozen diverse families on their journey from plus sign to delivery.

40 Weeks is a touching documentary that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions as each family shares their story and it’s those stories that allow you to immediately become vested in each family. By the end of the film you no longer see them as the stars but friends who are simply sharing the personal highs and lows of pregnancy exclusively with you. Also, by the end of the film it makes you wish there was more.

What else I loved about the film was that it didn’t feel forced. It didn’t come off as people saying things the creators wanted the audience to hear. This was an honest to goodness sharing of personal truths.

This film will move everyone who sees it so it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get pregnant, on your first baby or your third, the film does a brilliant job of touching on the questions and emotional concerns that plague every mom during her pregnancy journey.

This is easily my favorite film of 2014! It will put you in such great spirits….maybe even to have another baby. Yeah, I thought that about mid way through. Its that’s good. If you would to preview this film there will be a showing at the Union Square 14th Street in NYC theater on Monday, December 8 at 7:30pm. To buy your tickets CLICK HERE.

I remember my 40 weeks x 2 very well and aside from suffering from PUPPS (read ‘My Birthing Story‘ to find out what that is) and the worse case of acid reflux its safe to say that I had every single thought and expressed every single emotion these women were going through. It’s a crazy thing to know that you’re growing a person inside of you that would depend on you for everything. It makes you feel completely overjoyed and scared all at the same time. Quite frankly, I still feel that way now and I suspect that I always will. What thoughts and emotions did you feel during your pregnancy?