mommyrandrHi! I’m Valerie Pierre the mom behind Mommy R+R! Being a mother to 2 toddlers whose veins flow with Red Bull and a cat who I’m sure hates my guts, as well as wife to a geeky hardcore gamer graphic novel loving batman obsessed husband, I fully understand the need for mommy me time .

I started Mommy R+R because I attended one too many play-dates in which the moms in attendance had no interest in talking about anything other than their children, and the thought of meeting up without them was down right foreign and insulting to them. I wanted to create a group that would bring moms together in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that would focus on resting their minds, bodies and spirits.

As mothers and partners caring for our families, it’s easy to forget to carve out a little time for ourselves. That lack of self care can leave us feeling overly tired, stressed and even burned out. It’s important that we make the time to release the stress that gets built up from our daily routines in order to feel rejuvenated and recharged.

When I’m not blogging about my own free time, various products and services or planning events you can find me roaming the isles of Target, partially having my face in a book, a glass of wine to my lips or watching anything on I.D Channel. I don’t have too many hobbies but I am trying to get into drawing and D.I.Y. I’m also working on knocking off some items on my ‘Life List‘. Other things you should know about me are:

  • I only drink hot tea. I took a sip of Folders 25 years ago and I’m still gagging.
  • Sunflowers are creepy and scare the bejesus outta me.
  • If I’m not wearing my glasses I can’t see you.
  • I’m a beach bum. I’d trade Manhattan for sand and palm trees in a NY minute.
  • I hate winter…nuff said. See point ^^^
  • I’m obsessed with H&M clothing. If I were rich I’d turn one into my personal closet.
  • I love cookies! If there’s one nearby I will sniff it out.
  • I enjoy a good cocktail party. Wine and food…yes, please and thank you!

That’s all there is about me. I’m looking forward to learning more about you while you learn all about me. If you wish to contact me you can do so at I look forward to hearing from you!