20150308_162216 - CopyAre you looking to revamp your fitness wardrobe? Or seeking to purchase apparel for that new yoga class you signed up for? Search no more as I have one word for you, Athleta. A subsidiary of Gap Inc., Athleta is a premier fitness apparel store for women that’s been in business since 1998…and since 2015 has become my new favorite place to shop.

I have to be honest with you, on those rare days when I go to the gym or pop in a fitness DVD I usually wear my favorite black yoga pants with the paint stains and a beat up t-shirt. I really didn’t care what I was wearing because I was about to start sweating, but all of that is about to change. Walking into Athleta’s Upper East Side location (86th Street and 3rd Avenue), was like stepping in to a whole new realm and it instantly let me know that I can no longer look a hot mess while working out. If I was going to workout to feel good on both the inside and outside then why on earth should I not look good while doing it.

20150308_161348Speaking of pants, they have quite an impressive collection of them. They come in a number of various cuts and lengths so that every woman will feel comfortable wearing them. The one pair that did catch my eye were shockingly not a black pair but these awesome multi-color floral print performance capris. For someone who hates floral I fell in love with them instantly! I wanted to take them home but other women loved them too as my size was sold out, as with many other pieces that I saw. Thankfully they get new shipments all the time so I’m not worried about never getting a pair and I can always order online.

If I thought they only put thought into their bottoms, oh no, their tops are on point as well. I am all about color up top so I grabbed these fabulous sports bras (pictured below) to pair with those floral capris. Their sports bras come in a number of styles, cuts and colors.

20150308_161832 But it didn’t stop at fly fitness gear. Their swimsuits were great as well. No body type was overlooked. If you want to show your ripped body you worked all winter for they have bikini’s or if you, like me ate too many cookies and the filling is showing in your midsection they have one pieces and cover ups.


20150308_164208I found this amazing crocheted mesh top that I paired with a hot pink bikini top, that made my boobs look the way they did before I had children and a pair light and airy navy blue shorts. Perfect for family day at the beach. They also had amazing accessories, purses and shoes. This is truly one stop shopping. I’m quite upset that I never shopped here before. I’ve been a fan of Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy for years and I’ve been kicking myself in the tuckus since yesterday cause I’ve clearly been missing out on not only awesome fitness fashions but everyday wear as well.

But here’s where YOU don’t have to…starting Thursday, March 12 through Monday, March 16 Athleta will be hosting a special Family and Friends sale that will be giving patrons 25% off full priced items and by simply dropping the “MommyRandR” name you’ll be able get the discount! Remember this is for the Upper East Side store only. It’s not far either, just hop the 6 to 86th and walk one Avenue over to 3rd, you can’t miss it.

And if you thought that was it, you’re not even close *leans in* I’m not supposed to share this just yet but I feel like I can say this because we’re friends.  Next month I will be teaming up with Athleta to bring you a major event, so you know what that means…

That’s all I can share right now but I promise its gonna be HUGE! Once everything is set I will post the details and the link for you to RSVP. But until then make sure to follow Athleta Upper East Side on Twitter, tell them I sent you and take a look at their online shop.

Have you shopped at Athleta in the past? What do you love about it? What are your favorite pieces?

1517 Third Aveune

MARCH 12-16”

  1. I’ve been getting their catalog for the longest and never paid attention. However, you’ve shown me the cute options for my non-existent workouts. And I can name drop to save some cash? In there like swimwear. Cute swimwear.

    • Hahahaha “in there like swimwear” that is hilarious! I never once clicked that little link when I would shop the other store but they have shown me the LIGHT!!!

  2. It’s hard for me to find workout clothes since I’m tall and a little hefty. So I must check this store out since they’re for women of all sizes. Plus I love that mess cover up. I’ll be there next week name dropping lol.

  3. I love how you said :It’s not far either. Just hop on the 6″ girl it is far lol. They do have cute stuff though. I just can’t think about dropping that much money on athletic gear. Maybe someone will gift it to me.

  4. I’ve been wanting to check them out as I’ve heard great stuff about their pieces! It’s crazy how cuter clothes kind of make you want to work out (or at least get you excited about it)!! Enjoy!

  5. This is a fantastic read, sums up the days where I believe wearing home t-shirt and shorts would suffice but it really doesn’t. Wearing a workout outfit that makes you look good and feel great is definitely a boost in feel good vibes. LOVING THE MESH TOP! I’M SOLD!.

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