I have the driest most sensitive skin on the planet. I put lotion on it and it dries up in a matter of hours or worse I could break out in some form of rash, that may or may not be so itchy that I scratch til I end up breaking skin. Because of this I’m always looking for products that not only hydrate the skin but are also made with natural ingredients to reduce the chance of a break out.

A couple of weeks ago my husband did something very nice for me and my friends, he treated us to a spa day at The Setai Club & Spa Wall Street in NYC. If you remember I went to this spa for my birthday and it was fabulous. Naturally when he said spa, this was the only one that came to my mind. Their walking proximity to the WTC PATH made it easy for my friends to train it from NJ and for us to walk to South Street Seaport so we can dine afterward.


Late last year I entered and won a giveaway hosted by Allison Cooper of Project Motherhood featuring Glam & Go. It was a 3 pack of their specialty Glam&Go Express Style. Never heard of Glam & Go? Well, neither did I prior to winning. Upon a little research I discovered its a mini hair salon that is located in exclusive gyms and spas throughout NYC and can also be found in Connecticut and Miami.

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beautiful texturesA couple of months back I attended an anniversary lunch for an entertainment website celebrating their 4th anniversary and in the swag back they gave us a box of Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight. The product allows me to wear my natural hair straight without the usage of perm. This was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. It’s been on the shelf for some time so why I had never heard of the product before is beyond me.