For as long as I can remember I have never been a fan of Broadway. I mean ever. There was just something about the idea of actors talking then randomly busting out in song and jazz hands. That always freaked me out. I wanted no parts of their jazzy spirit fingers.

Although I will admit I was utterly enthralled with the CATS and Milford Plaza commercials in the 80’s.

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Bad Moms centers around an overworked and over-stressed mom (Mila Kunis) who has had enough of everyone’s crap, and promptly loses her shit.

Accompanied by her two sidekicks (Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) they embark on an a kick ass campaign to take down the “perfect” mom clique (Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Annie Mumolo).

The result is a hilarious comedy that highlights everyday struggles of moms everywhere who are failing miserably at trying to be everything to everyone.

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I tell you no word a lie when I say Bad Moms is the movie that hot mess moms everywhere have been waiting for. We are tired of feeling like if we aren’t baking everything from scratch, aren’t at every randomly scheduled PTA meeting and not looking perfectly coiffed at morning drop off that we’re shitty parents.

It’s about a successful wife and mother, Mila Kunis who is being  pulled in every direction and cracks under the pressure of trying to be a “perfect”

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wondershowLast weekend was the first time in ages that I was able to have a date night. Our destination was the Patrick Terry produced WONDERSHOW taking place for one weekend only in Brooklyn.

#Wondershow is about to start! Let the mindfuckery begin… It’s happening all week long at the #TheMuse located in #Bushwick #Brooklyn

A photo posted by Mommy R+R (@mommyrandr) on Aug 21, 2015 at 5:03pm PDT

WONDERSHOW was a 3-night spectacle of mystery and mischief featuring the world famous Jon Stetson,

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