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Food & Wine

It’s Prosecco Day! Celebrate with These Products, Services and Recipes

It’s National Prosecco Day! A day that we celebrate the nectar of the gods. So what exactly is prosecco? It’s sparkling wine. If you’re thinking it’s another name for champagne you’d be wrong. Why? Cause for one they’re two different things made in two different places. Champagne is produced in France and prosecco produced in […]

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Tipsy Scoop: The Boozy Ice Cream You Need In Your Freezer

Tipsy Scoop was mentioned in the 2017 Mommy R+R Holiday Guide For Moms. This feature is a follow-up to that mention. Tipsy Scoop made my 2017 Holiday Guide because they are a local shop who managed to combine ice cream and alcohol in way that would make your stomach smile. The ratio of ice cream and […]

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