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#MCM: Women Are Joining ‘Beard Game Matters’ Facebook Group To Salivate Over Men With Beards!

beard game matters

My Friday started out as any other day when a Huff Post article caught my attention. It was about a Facebook group called, Beard Game Matters created by Mike McMillan that is dedicated to the appreciation of men’s beards. Beards you say? As someone who can appreciate finely coiffed facial hair I immediately requested to […] Read more…

Mom To Mom: Quit Your Sanctimommy Shaming Bullshit


Okay so check it, I’m in a mommy group and some woman posted her screenshot of a status from another mommy group. The post was from a mom who stated that she hates breastfeeding and was looking to ween her young infant before she returned to return work in a few weeks and was looking […] Read more…