Before I dated the man I would ultimately fell in love with and marry I dated a lot of frogs. A lot. I was thinking to my 16 year old self, what the hell is wrong with me? Better yet, with these dudes?¬† I mean almost every time I thought I would make progress with a new boy their antics would pull me two steps back. I’m pretty sure the antics were always there I was just blinded by what I wanted to see.

flawed happinessFlawed Happiness, the debut novel by Cori Tadrus centers around Athena Wallace, a columnist who has spent the first thirty years of her life desperately trying to be perfect. But as her sassy, unfiltered best friend, Nadine, points out, “being perfect ain’t got shit to do with being happy.” With this reality weighing heavily on her, Athena takes on a new assignment at the magazine where she works doing an expos√© on how six strangers seek happiness through the exotic venues of Manhattan nightlife.