Just because the kids are home for summer vacation that doesn’t mean that you can’t have me time, or that you have to break your pockets in order to enjoy these 10 summertime activities:

Take A Walk

me time mommyrandr

Going for a walk is an easy way to escape the house. It’s so easy to do. All you need to do is escape your house, pick a direction and start walking that way.  

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Everything about motherhood isn’t all peaches and cream. Like anything in life there are good days, and then there are bad days. There are days we love it, and then there the days we wanna run away. Does that equate to us not loving our children? No way. We love them to the moon and back, but there are days when their tiny toddler antics causes me to want to scream bloody murder.

greys anatomy gif

You know those days,

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The question, if your husband/partner gave you $100 and four hours of uninterrupted alone time, how would you spend it? Was recently asked in a mommy group that I frequent.

It took no time for the answers to start accumulating. There were over 50 by the time I got there, and the question had only been posted moments before. From the responses I saw taking a nap ranked #1, which is obvious,

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I cannot tell you how many forums I’ve been in where moms were asking if they should take time for themselves. If should is a question, then the answer would be, HELL YES!

I don’t know where the idea came from that me time should be a guilt ridden choice but I wish it would go back into the dark hole from where it came. There is nothing wrong with taking GUILT FREE time out from life to do something that is solely for you.

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