The start of NYC blogger conference week was kicked off with a bang by Vera Sweeny & Audrey McClelland at their 7th annual Getting Gorgeous event. Like most of the events that I would attend that week, this would be my very first time attending. I had heard so many great things about last year’s event that I busting with excitement to attend.

The Metropolitan Pavilion was transformed into a space where bloggers were literally getting gorgeous. If you name it, then it was probably there and then some. Bloggers came from far and wide to mix and mingle as well as learn and try the various products and services.


When you first walk in there was a massive beauty area where one could receive a number of services ranging from hair, make-up and even Restylane injections. And the best thing was there were products for all skin and hair types, including natural hair! There were also stations to get massages and manicures.

gg2The line was understandably long in the beauty area so I just looked at everyone else get styled. There was lots of laughter and nods of approval.

After that I made my way to the back, as I always like to start from the back and make my way out the door. It’s something I do at every expo. My first stop was Cocktail Caviar. I want to let you know this is NOT liquor infused caviar. This is pure alcohol and when those little balls hit your tongue it becomes a party unlike anything your mouth has tasted. Tiny, potent and decant this is something that will be a favorite among party goers.

PicMonkey Collage1

The next table I went to was Bali. They provide light weight comfortable bras, panties and other intimates. But you know the most important thing a woman needs a bra that’s going to lift and hold us in without cutting off the circulation of blood flow to our mid back section. We want to feel as though we aren’t wearing anything at all, Bali does that.


Net stop was the Liquid Oxygen table. This is an acne fighting product stands out from its competitors by not using Benzoyl Peroxide, which is known for drying out the skin. They instead uses a combination of Oxygen, Vitamin A,B, D & E and Salicylic that is a beta-hydroxy that naturally exfoliates the skin. I can’t wait to try this product as I am now experiencing acne issues. I will update you on how its going.


I love jewelry! So I was excited to see Trollbeads allowing attendees to build their own bracelets. There was a choice of colorful leather bands and beads. This is one that I made. I stayed neutral so that I could wear it all the time.


Finger food and snacks were delish! I ate one, or two or three of everything off that platter from The Backyard Food Company


But my heart went a flutter when I spotted the root beer by Small Town. Many people don’t know this, but I love root beer. I could drink it for life. So without reading the label I grabbed one, popped the cap and started drinking. But this wasn’t my grandma’s root beer. This was spiked! My acid reflux went into full effect but it didn’t matter, I popped 2 tums and kept drinking it. If you see this drink it.

Overall, Getting Gorgeous was an amazing event that truly epitomized not only getting gorgeous but also feeling rejuvenated and recharged. I can’t wait to see what Vera and Audrey come up with next year.

Photo Credit: Getting Gorgeous

Author: Mommy R+R

Valerie Pierre is the owner and content creator for Mommy R+R. She is a lover of food, wine & cuss words. She resides in Brooklyn, NY with her comic nerd husband and their two kids. Valerie is also Co-Owner of Sisterhued. A digital collective that showcases women of color in positive lights. She also contributes pieces to MomCave TV, Fit Noire and Football, Food & Motherhood.


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