If you’re someone who suffers from perspiring, so much so that you’re always wearing black then your salvation has arrived. It’s all thanks to Dove and their new line of multi-fragrance quick dry spray antiperspirants.


I manged to get my hands on a couple of cans to try as Dove was a sponsor for the Sisterhued event. I tried ‘nourished beauty’ and ‘beauty finish’, and despite my love for all things Dove I hyped myself up to the fact that I would not like this deodorant simply because it was a spray. Here’s the deal about sprays – its wet and sticks to your clothing, it don’t last very long and you still sweat.

Then there’s Dove spray.

These are the total opposite of the other sprays out there. First off, there is no drying time. The moment you spray it on, that’s it! Put your clothes on and walk out the door without worrying about the transfer of deodorant onto your clothing. Secondly, this spray lasts all day – even into the next day. There are some deodorants that don’t last 5 minutes let alone a 24 plus time frame, but Dove does. Don’t ask me how I know just trust me when I say that it does. Third, no sweating. I am a busy woman with a child that I usher to and from school, a child at home to chase after, house to maintain, blogs to run and events to attend, to say that I’m always on the move is an understatement. So the idea that no matter how much pressure I’m under I will not break out in a sweat.

This is my new favorite deodorant, though I still love Dove Advanced Care stick. These quick dry sprays come in a 8 different scents and I plan on trying them all, and I suggest you try them too. Your underarms will not be sorry or upset that you made the switch.

Watch the demonstration video to see the truth for yourself.

You can purchase these sprays on the Dove website, Amazon, Target, Walmart and or pharmacy store.