UntitledName – Shaniqua G
Location – New York
Occupation – Childrens Birthday Party Coordinator & blogger at Brown Media Mama
How many children do you have? 1 child (son)

What are your favorite hobbies? Finding new places to go for fun whether it’s with my son or friends. (When my schedule permits)

When was the last time you had mommy me time and/or couple time and how did you spend it? A friend treated me to dinner, it was called dinner in the dark meaning I was blindfolded the whole time.

How do you balance everything in your life so that you can have a little alone time? I literally just take a day off work which is obviously not ideal but sometimes necessary.

If you could spend 24 hours alone how would you spend it? In priority order; having and unrushed meal with wine!…Sleeping, catching up with my besties, blogging while getting a pedicure, doing my hair, nails and waxing.

What is your family’s favorite fun time activity? Party type of events i.e. Halloween parties and definitely the movies.

What advice would you give a mom who is struggling to find that slice of mommy me time? Get a babysitter even if it’s a friend and ask for help more.


Thank you Shaniqua for sharing your interests with us! I love the movies! If I could go every weekend I would. I sadly haven’t been to the movies in a while due to time and because I hadn’t really spotted anything that I wanted to see. However, I will try to see Selma, which looks amazing! And on the 9th ‘Taken’ comes out I love that franchise! Can I call it that? And despite the passing of Paul Walker I’m absolutely ready for Fast and Furious 7 in April. You can usually find me at either 14th Street Union Square or over by Court Street in Brooklyn. The only thing that saddens me is how expensive it is for snacks, which is why you will sometimes find me sneaking in my own snacks. But I will buy a drink. I gotta make it fair you know. Don’t judge me. LoL!

If you would like to be featured in this fun mini series, which is open to all moms regardless of your region, please feel free to contact me. Join us in two weeks for our next ‘Mommy Me Time’ feature.

Photo Credit: Shaniqua G. of Brown Media Mama