Name cover Pascha S.
Location – Greater Atlanta Area
Occupation – I work in the legal field to make my money and I blog at The Posh Blog.
How many children do you have? 3 children

What are your favorite hobbies? Playing in makeup

When was the last time you had mommy me time and/or couple time and how did you spend it? The last time I had Mommy Me Time was 11 weeks ago. I remember because I posted picks on IG. LOL. My GF’s and I went to dinner and dancing. BIG fun.

How do you balance everything in your life so that you can have a little alone time? The balance is difficult! My work schedule is busy (but flexible) and my children are active in extra curricular activities. When I have had enough and my mind and body demand a break, I take the break and literally shut down so I can recenter. I hate doing it this way but it is the only way right now. I might arrange rides for the kids or cancel activities. Depends on the commitment but I will cancel if I have to.

If you could spend 24 hours alone how would you spend it? If I could spend 24 hours alone I would probably sleep and eat; 2 things I don’t take time to do enough of.

What is your family’s favorite fun time activity? My family loves to hang out. It could be tv, out to eat, local park…we just like to be together and laugh.

What advice would you give a mom who is struggling to find that slice of mommy me time? My advice to a mom struggling to find Mommy Me Time? Make the time. Unapologetically…make the time for yourself. Cancel, reschedule, say NO. The bottom line is…if you don’t do it for you…who will?

Thank you Pascha for sharing your interests with us! I love makeup too but I wish I knew more about it to apply certain things like rainbow eye shadow and have it look good. I totally agree with completely shutting down to recenter yourself. Its necessary to keep yourself sane. You feel so much better getting back to work after stepping away for a time.

This is the part where I say, if you would like to be featured please contact me. But, due to an overwhelming response to this series I have closed the submissions for the time being. I will be accepting submissions starting in the spring for the new Mommy Me Time summer series which will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.