I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be doing this Pumeli review. Between work and our whole house being sick on and off there was never a moment to do it. Til now. Which is great because with the holiday’s being over now is a better time than any to indulge in a little me time and relaxation.

What is Pumeli exactly? They deliver monthly care packages filled with teas and textures designed to help you slow down, unplug and give yourself permission to relax.


Right out the gate I’m here to tell you this is the self care subscription box to end all subscription boxes. Hands down. Every item within the care package gives each recipient the tools they need to indulge themselves self care and reflection time.

When this box arrived on my door step I was blown away. First of all, the box is BIG (by subscription box standards) and HEAVY. Now that can be taken as the postal service just delivered you a box of stuff you’ll never use. But trust me that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What you hold in your hands is what self care dreams are made of.

I received their very first care package and the theme was Elephants. On a beautifully textured recycled paper they describe how the elephant gave them inspiration due to their slow and mindful living. They state, “Chances are you probably go trough the day touching many things without really paying attention to the physical sensation. Unlike elephants, which use touch as primary form of connecting with each other and their environment, humans are touch deprives. Virtually, we are hyper-connected through flat screens; physically, though, we have numbed out sense of touch. This month we chose highly tactile items to help bring awareness to your physical being and create mindful moments using the sense of touch.”

Everything I received in my box:

Moving clockwise:

The elephant inspiration photograph is hand crafted and printed on Mr. Ellie Pooh’s eco friendly elephant dung paper. Please do not be put off by this. The texture of this card is absolutely beautiful and soft to the touch. There is no smell I promise. Visit Mr. Ellie Pooh’s page to find out why they make use of elephant dung. It will change your life – and your wallet, as their items are beautiful. I plan on getting a frame for it as I don’t want it to get ruined or bent.

The hand carved wooden elephant stamp which is sold exclusively through Pumeli, was created by a sole artist in India and is traditionally used for printing on fabrics. Well, I can tell you I will not be using this beautiful piece as stamp. It’s currently on my fireplace. I look at it periodically and it brings me a sense of peace. It’s the power of elephants and fine craftsmanship. Note: Because they are hand carved no two pieces look the exact same.

The Foxy & Winston 100% organic towel designed by Brooklyn Textile artist Jane Buck is a perfect decorative addition to anyone’s kitchen. And by decorative, I mean, to be seen and never ever used. Ever.

The grey hand sewn journal was inspired by elephants with its long grey wrap closure. Another product of Mr. Ellie Pooh’s. With the phrase ‘capture life’s moments’ on the front cover it would be difficult not to. The soft textured paper just begs you to jot down your inner most feelings.

The tin of Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea by The Tea Spot is a woman owned brand that donates 10% of their sales to cancer and wellness programs. The tea selected for this box is a caffine free calming tea meant to ease you mind soothe your body from the inside out.

The Elephant Vanilla Chai by David Rio Chai is perfect if you don’t have too much time for a complete tea mediation. Simply add water and you’re on your way. The scents in this tea include cinnamon, clove and cardamom. David Rio also supports the IFAW Amboseli Elephant Project which works to save elephants in the southern boarder of Kenya close to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Click here to learn more.

In the center are small sheets of rolled up paper. I think these are perfect for positive one word affirmations. For a project you can add them to a mason jar and when you feel down open it and retrieve a little sheet of positivity.

There you have it! Isn’t it great!

Click to read more the October, November and December box. January’s box has already gone out but if you sign up today then you can get February’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. The monthly fee for the box is $49.95 and it’s a steal considering everything you’re not only receiving in the box but what it’s gonna do for you mentally. That alone you cannot put a price on.


Thank you so much Pumeli for the opportunity to try your subscription box as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

*For the purpose of this review I was gifted with a complementary box from Pumeli. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: Pumeli