It’s been almost six months since the last time Jeff and I had a date night. Which meant it was time for some much needed couple R+R, and with the help of my mom by taking the kids overnight we would be able to spend some much needed time together. But with the kids gone what would we do? It was my birthday weekend so I didn’t want to stay in house and do nothing. I’m always down for traveling, but where would we go on such short notice? Money reasons would keep us from going too far, then it hit me.

I pass EVEN Hotels in Downtown Brooklyn whenever I’m downtown. It looked decent and the location was great. And as I learned online this hidden gem is a health focused hotel that prides itself on giving their guests an experience that will relax their mind, body and spirit. This was the place for US!

even hotels

About even hotels

We checked in on a cold and windy Saturday excited to escape the stress of life and parenting. We arrived a little after 2pm and were immediately met with a warm welcome, like literally, the receptionist gave us warm cloths for our hands. She took her time with checking us in going over everything the hotel has to offer with a fine tooth comb,  and where it can be found.

The main floor when you walk in is bright and colorful, and is broken up into five sections:  the lounging area (which comes with board games and shuffle a shuffle board table, meeting space (which computers and wifi), bar area (this speaks for itself), cafe (which is mostly stocked with healthy food and drinks), and the outdoor patio area (this is a perfect area to chillax in the warmer months).

even hotels
Lobby (The Man is sad we have to leave)
even hotels
Cafe stocked with healthy (and some non-healthy) goodies
even hotels
even hotels
Outdoor Patio

After a quick tour we headed up to the room. We were given sweet ass room on the 12th floor (1202). It’s right off the elevator near the exit door. Now usually I don’t like being by either location due to nose, but neither one of us heard a peep. But I’m sure at some point our neighbors heard us. I’ma Jersey gal living in Brooklyn, which means I have no clue how to use my inside voice. Sorry to those who heard my overly loud laughter.

But back to this room – it was HUGE! And the fragrance that greeted me, it was like a mix of healthy living and kale. But seriously, it smelled like the epitome of cleanliness and tranquility.  You can easily tell the staff really makes sure their rooms are top notch. I usually travel with a can of Lysol to spray the room and I never take my socks off. I didn’t need that here. I took my socks off and paraded around the room like I was home.  That’s what EVEN Hotels is, home away from home.

even hotels
Queen size room – 1202
even hotels
even hotels
Work/Entertainment area
even hotels
View from our room

Health and wellness is more than a motto to the EVEN Hotels brand, it’s a way of life. A life they take very seriously. For starters, they have a mini gym in all of the rooms. It comes complete with resistance bands, ball, yoga mat and plenty of accessories – including a fitness manual to make sure you use all the equipment properly.

even hotels
In room workout area
even hotels
Getting our fitness on

As you can see this was one of the best amenities in the room. It’s polite low key way of saying, there is no excuse for you to not be doing some form of exercise. But if that isn’t enough for you, venture down to the lobby to use the two level gym that is only accessible by your room key.

even hotels
First level gym area
even hotels
Staircase to lower level gym area
even hotels
Lower level gym area

Yup! This overnight stay at EVEN Hotels is gonna be just what the doctor ordered.

So what exactly did me and Jeff do during our overnight stay? The answer is, nothing. We relaxed. Which is exactly what this hotel wants you to do. We took long hot peaceful showers, cause you know kids don’t let you bathe alone for long. We lounged in the pillow top bed and watched t.v. shows that weren’t on Sprout or Nick Jr. I worked out for all of 5 minutes. And because I love to eat we took a quick walk around the corner to Target Atlantic Center for dinner and snacks.

I love when hotels are centrally located in neighborhoods making it easy for guests to spread their wings and learn about the area they’re  in. Being a stones throw from BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Fulton Mall, Barclay Center and the newly developed City Point, this makes EVEN Hotels Downtown Brooklyn a perfect choice for locals and tourists. But that’s not all, the G train is nearby which can take you into the heart of Williamsburg and A/C trains that can take you through Manhattan into Harlem.

Yes, after a cozy overnight stay Jeff and I (sadly) checked out feeling refreshed, and looking forward to the next time when we can kick our feet up in room 1202. We could have done this exact thing at home but sometimes staycations right in your hood turns out to be the best remedy for rejuvenation.

*FYI: EVEN Hotels provided me a discounted rate on our room and a complementary gift bag for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I wish I can have a weekend getaway with my husband, we never had one since my son was born 5 years ago. This hotel looks very nice tho.

  2. This is one hip hotel! I love the decor, modern and minimalist is always a plus for me. I think it’s awesome that the people are so accommodating, that’s one of the things that I look for in hotels.

  3. You have everything that you need in more when you stay in a hotel this awesome! I like the room, it’s spacious and comfy, you’d want to stay in bed all day! I love your shirt, BTW!

  4. Wow that is awesome! I love everything available in that room. I don’t think I have ever seen one that has so many fitness amenities. That is definitely a bonus. The design of that hotel reminds me of an Aloft. They are my favorite hotels ever <3

  5. Sounds like you and your husband has an amazing time taking a break away from daily life to just relax and reconnect! Your room was really beautiful too – I’ve never seen a hotel that has fitness equipment in the rooms, but the encouragement to stay active is awesome!

  6. First off Happy Birthday! and I feel you about not getting away enough for date nights with the hubby. What a beautiful hotel! Who knew that such a gem would be located in downtown Brooklyn! We have to have a night away and since we are in Long Island-Brooklyn is perfect! I love the decor and the mindfulness of the set up. Glad you got to enjoy your adult time! Appreciate the inspiration!

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