What happens when you run out of ways to take self-care at home? You order a MAI box. This bi-monthly box helps you relax and reflect. Created by Lenora Woods, MAI box caters to stay at home moms and busy on-the-go moms to help them take better care of themselves.

Recently launched in January, MAI Box is a bi-monthly Christian based self-care subscription box that’s filled with everything a mom of any faith would need to welcome peace and relaxation into her hectic life.

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I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be doing this Pumeli review. Between work and our whole house being sick on and off there was never a moment to do it. Til now. Which is great because with the holiday’s being over now is a better time than any to indulge in a little me time and relaxation.

What is Pumeli exactly? They deliver monthly care packages filled with teas and textures designed to help you slow down,

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It’s amazing the things you find when you’re not really looking for it. While trolling Twitter yesterday I spotted a tweet mentioning Dailylook and its monthly subscription. I just started getting into various subscriptions so I thought I’d poke around this one to see if its worth subscribing to.

When I saw the fashions and accessories my reaction was…

I immediately signed up.

Have you heard about Dailylook before?

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