50 Shades of GreyDisclaimer: If you’re one of those die hard 50 Shades fanatics you’ll probably gonna be a little peeved at me. I’m okay with that.

I first heard about the 50 Shades series by E L James just like everyone else. Word of mouth. It seemed like everyone and their mama was reading it. Including my own. Only I didn’t read it when everyone else did. I already had my favorites when it came to erotica. But after the the 100th, “OMG you haven’t read it yet?” I went on ahead and succumbed to it. Despite the mixed reviews surrounding it. Hey, listen there are a few books that I enjoyed that critics panned so I went in with an open mind, sort of. I’m  not a Twilight fan so sue me.

Anyway, needless to say I was not impressed. I never made it past chapter four. I really wanted to like this book as I thought the concept was good which would make for a steamy read, but the characters and writing really made it hard to do so. Anastasia really got on my last nerve. She was far too naive and timid. It was as if she was had never around a man before, or even had an attraction to one. She was in college yet acting like someone in middle school. It was too much awkward goofiness for me.

When it was announced 50 Shades of Grey would be turned into a film I knew that would be one movie I would have no interest in seeing. But I did anyway (long after it came out on DVD), and to my surprise, I have to admit it wasn’t too bad. I found it easier to digest than the written version. Dakota Johnson did the character a great deal of justice. By the end I liked her. And where I always thought Christian Grey was the sane one, Jamie Dornan showed me he was really a creepy stage five clinger.  Oh my, have the tables turned.

Now while it may seem like I’m dogging the shit outta this book/film, I’m not, okay I am… a bit. But in my defense the follow up really has me intrigued. And from the looks of the trailer I’m gonna go ahead and declare that it looks better than the first. Here’s why:

THREE things i’m looking forward to in 50 shades darker

50 Shades DarkerNEW CHARACTERS
In 50 Shades of Grey while there were other characters around, we were solely focused on Christian and Ana. This time this will expand as new characters who have integral parts will be introduced such as:

Bella Heathcote as Leila Williams. She is Christian’s first submissive and she is coming back to either hurt Ana, put her on to some much needed intel about Mr. Grey, or maybe a little of both. Either way standing over someone while they sleep makes her creep factor sky high.

Eric Johnson as Jack Hyde. Christian rival. They grew up together in the same foster home but resentment rears its ugly head as the Grey’s chose to adopt Christian over him.  He’s a snoop and when he finds out what’s going on between Ana and Christian he tries to use it against Ana.

Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln (a.k.a Mrs. Robinson). She’s Christian’s former lovah who introduced Christian to the BDSM lifestyle and current business partner.  We can already see the trouble that’s about brew between her and Ana.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of all the new characters.

I cannot talk about 50 Shades Darker (or any of the 50 Shades books/movies) without talking about s-e-x. I think the scenes are little more steamer here than the first film. First off, I have to admit Ana brazenly taking her panties off at the table so she can get felt up later was pretty hot. It showed me how far Ana has come from part one til now. And you know what? I’m all the way here for it. This one scene has my interest peaked in the hope that all of the other scenes that will follow will have the same fire. I really didn’t care too much for the sex in the first one. It was okay but I think this time around with Ana being more relaxed with Christian it makes for hotter sex.

Oh, yeah there’s gonna be tons of it *bow chick a wow wow* but that’s not the kind I’m talking about right now. While there isn’t action in the traditional sense but there looks to be tons of mystery and suspense, as if there wasn’t enough already. Who is this woman that was Christian’s first submissive? She obviously has issues cause she’s popping up at the house trying to assert her dominance over Ana. Then Elena, OMG is she low (but high) key in love with Christian? How will this effect their business? These are questions I need answers to. And Ana’s new boss Jack Hyde his rivalry with Christian puts Ana smack dab in the middle, and I’m quite sure Christian will be having none of it.

There looks to be so many twists and turns in this new 50 Shades movie that its making me rethink my choice to stop reading it. My gut is telling me that there may be some redemption for this story in the follows up, and I need to give it another go. Imagine that, me, a fan of a story I once thought I would never like.

Watch the trailer for 50 Shades Darker and see why I’m excited for 50 Shades Darker…

Yes, George…oh, my indeed.

See 50 Shades Darker in theaters on Friday, February 10th. You can get tickets today!

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