This month for the Brown Mom Bloggers link-up the topic was a ‘Taste of Summer’. We are encouraged to talk about anything relating to the season. This is easy for me because when I think of summer three words come to mind; swimming, tanning and traveling. 


I love to swim! I totally defy the stereotype that black people don’t swim. I can tell you right now, I don’t care if my hair gets wet or if my eyebrows wash off – I draw them on so a wave will take them right off. I love the feeling of warm water on my skin. I don’t care if its from a pool or the ocean. It’s so relaxing and freeing. Doing laps puts me in a space where my mind is clear of all its worries and stresses, leaving me to only worry about making it to the other end of the pool without breaking stride. I’m not into water sports, but I would love to try jet skiing at least once. And despite how freeing swimming is, I don’t do it any other season because I don’t want to leave the Y smelling wrapped in 5 layers while smelling like chlorine. I like to tan after swimming and I can’t do that without the possibility of catching pneumonia if it’s 20 degrees outside.

Swimming in South Beach



With the arrival of summer comes tanning. Yes, I know I’m brown, but guess what? I can tan. Laying out for a couple of hours letting the sun shine on my skin is another form of relaxation when I’m not swimming. I will turn off my phone, put my iPod on some soothing sounds and drift off. But while I love tanning, I can change colors really quickly therefore I have to be mindful of how long I’m laying out in relation to how long I’m going to be on vacation. In addition to the dangers of tanning. I wear a combination of tannin oil and sunblock, and I also tan in moderation as prolonged exposure can lead to a number of health issues. I don’t tan when I’m not near the ocean because the best way to cool off after tanning is to take a dip and the sprinkler at the local park, while cool, is not the kind of ‘dip’ I have in mind.

Tanning in Bahamas



Sightseeing in St. Thomas

And lastly I don’t feel like the summer is complete until I take a vacation. I am a huge fan of traveling! I don’t care if its driving or flying. The point is from anywhere between 3-7 days I will be away from home and its routines. There’s no better feeling than knowing when you’re finished swimming and tanning you can tour a new destination, and if I’ve been there before I find ways to experience it like I was never there before. It’s all about new adventures and memories. Over the years I have seen more Caribbean islands than I can count, various parts of Florida, Washington DC and L.A. I want to expand my travel and see parts of Europe and South America. We haven’t taken any family trips since 2011 but that will change starting next summer, I will not have another summer wasted by remaining in this hot urban jungle.

Do you have any words or activities that define summer for you?

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