It’s amazing the things you find when you’re not really looking for it. While trolling Twitter yesterday I spotted a tweet mentioning Dailylook and its monthly subscription. I just started getting into various subscriptions so I thought I’d poke around this one to see if its worth subscribing to.

When I saw the fashions and accessories my reaction was…

I immediately signed up.

Have you heard about Dailylook before? I haven’t. If so, then I’m going to be very upset with you for not putting me on to this. So, for those new to the service it works like this – you fill out a questionnaire that will pinpoint your style, a stylist will then shop for you based on your answers and ship you those finds that will range from $50-$250. When you get your box you try on the contents and whatever you want to keep you pay for and what you don’t want you return. Simple. The monthly fee to receive this box is $20 and that fee goes toward whatever selections you keep, so essentially the subscription is free. And to top it off they were offering a 2 month free subscription for Elite that I could not turn down. My first box should arrive on or around the 20th of this month. Woohoo!


While I wait for my box I will share Mommy R+R’s Top 5 pieces under $50:

Hudson Ribbed Turtle Neck Dress – $49.99

Every woman needs a LDB in their closet and this one is perfect for the spring/summer evenings. Additional accessories in the second picture are extra.


Dailylook A-Lined Pleaded Midi Skirt – $49.99

I love this for many reasons – 1. color. 2. its day or night 3. the length. Its all around perfect and I hope its in my box. Additional accessories in the second picture are extra.



High Waist Straight Leg Trousers – $44.99

Slacks are always great to have in your arsenal. Wear them to work or a night on the town. Additional accessories in the second picture are extra.



Soludos Original Dali Espadrille – $35.99

Espadrille’s define summer to me. They’re comfortable, lightweight and airy, not to mention they go with everything.  Additional accessories in the second picture are extra.


Maya Vegan Leather Large Fold Over Clutch – $29.99

This clutch will stand out no matter what you wear with it. There are no straps so don’t forget it anywhere. Additional accessories in the second picture are extra.


Aren’t these items just great! If my box looks anything like this then there will be nothing to send back. Did you see any pieces that you loved? Keep in mind if I kept just one they would apply my $20 and I would only owe the difference. Not bad. My only concern is the sizing. I’m a tall gal. So there are some things I worry about fitting me when I order offline like jeans and jackets. I know my size but somethings are just cut weird, so I’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully I can fit everything.

If you sign up, which I hope you do as this is a deal too good to pass up, do me favor and use my referral link. It helps me and you’ll get one to share that will help you. Let’s be friends helping each other to snag fabulous fashions.


UPDATE: There is a 60 day wait list to start getting your box. They will NOT charge your card until your box ships. You can still shop on their site for fashions while you wait for your boxupdate

Photo Credit: Dailylook


    • It really is. You should try it. But please know there is a wait list for it. I will show off my box when I receive it, which should be by the summer.

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