Since we’re about to become fast friends and will be hanging out in the near future I thought I’d share 10 random things about me:

1. I’m an absolute beach bum. I know in my former life I was some sort of surfer or someone who lived near an ocean because I cannot get enough of it. There’s something about the sun, sand and water that brings me so much joy and peace. I would trade all skyscrapers for palm trees in a NY minute.

about me

2. I can make a mean Jolly Rancher cocktail. There are 2 ways that I make them. The quick way is Bacardi Apple, white grape juice and a slice of lime. Yum yum summer in a cup! The other way I do it in which I use actual candy takes a little more work so that will be a post all by itself.

3. I’m a junk food junkie. Cakes, cookies and pies oh my! I just love sugar! I know its not good for me in mass quantities but when I get around sugar goodness I just don’t know how to act..kinda like when I get around wine.

4. I can’t sing. I will blow your eardrums. Yeah, I’m that bad. I will sing to be silly but you will never catch me at American Idol auditions thinking my chops are gonna blow everyone out of the water. Maybe blow their eardrums but definitely not their minds.

5. I can’t dance. This is one talent I wish I had. I couldn’t find the beat if I had google maps and a flashlight. So while I enjoy a good night on the town I just refrain from busting a move. However, I do a mean MJ impersonation and will do it at the drop of a dime anytime his music comes on.

6. I can’t draw. I’m really bad. Don’t think I can be worse than you…ssomehow all of my animals somehow end up with cat heads. It’s not something I do on purpose its just how they end up. So I just keep to stick figures and happy faces. I will show you my drawings one day of an owl that I drew and one my artistic husband drew…talk about wayyyy off.

7. I’m shy…yet I’m a people person. Mind boggling I know. When I’m faced with being meeting new or speaking to a group I get all clammy cause all the focus is on me. But, I love crowds! I’m am by nature a loud friendly person.

8. I’m a cruise nut. I’ve been on 4 and I’m ready for more. My first impressions about cruises were not that great…and then I went on one. It was the best thing ever. I even got married on a cruise ship. The idea that you board a sailing resort and depending on the itinerary you choose, every day you wake up in a new destination. I assure you nothing beats eating you dinner from the all you can eat buffet on the privacy of your own balcony sailing through the Caribbean. I recommend it to everyone just once.

9. I love reality television…I watch Real Housewives everything! I know it shouldn’t watch this mess but I swear seeing rich overly botoxed women go at it for an hour with their trivial issues is hilarious entertainment at its finest.

10. I don’t like scary movies…but I will watch them any way. I go see these things then boom I’m walking a little faster to my car and putting on every light on in the house to make sure I’m alone. Its taken 20 years for me to watch and enjoy movies from the late 80’s/90’s. It will probably take me 20 years to watch today’s movies. How dreadful. I really need to snap out of it. I would if I wasn’t so dam scared.

This list only  scratches the surface about me and all my likes and dislikes. I will share more posts that are about me in the future.