The holiday season is upon us and with it comes the stress. But there is no reason why we should let it keep us down.  So to combat the stress I have put together a Self-Care Gift Guide Giveaway! Below is a list of great products and services valued at over $250 that one lucky mom will win that will provide her with some much needed holiday self care.

This list will also serve as a guide that will help you find gifts for your mom friends without breaking the bank. All products can be found for under $50 with some as low as $3, which makes them affordable and accessible for all. Buy one or group them together. Make yourself or another mom’s holiday happy with the gift of self-care.

So what will the winner receive?

For the self-care gift guide giveaway I thought long and hard about what moms would really want. There are a lot of holiday guides that point towards things that would benefit the entire family, which is great, but that’s not what Mommy R+R is about. I wanted to not only make this personal for moms who enjoy a multitude of things, but I also wanted it to last well beyond Christmas. This is what I came up with:

self-care gift


Every mom likes her cocktail (or mocktail) so why not give a Festive Cocktails recipe book. With nearly a 100 pages there are plenty of cocktails to prepare for holiday’s to come. A set of cocktail glasses and four glittery coasters brings the whole gift together. Total value $15


This is for moms who like to journal, sketch or simply keeping track of tasks the old fashioned way. A gold themed candle, notebook, pens and matching polka dot mug are simple yet classic.  These are also great additions to the office. It’s adds pop and pizazz. Total value $14

self-care gift

No self-care gift guide for moms in 2016 would be complete without Bad Moms. This was the movie of the year! I don’t care if this will be your first time seeing it or your third this movie will never get old. So before the kids get out of school for the holiday have a mommy only play date, mix some cocktails and enjoy! (Waterford Lismore crystal glass and liquor are my own.) Value $19.99

self-care gift

This for moms who love a little bit of everything.

Flowers are a perfect gift for any time of year. I am a huge fan of Teleflora and use them often. They have some of the most beautiful arrangements, not only the holiday season but for ‘just because‘ all year round. Send them to yourself as a treat. Seeing them highlight an area of your home will give you a reason to stop and smell the roses.

Monthly subscription boxes are more popular than ever, and if you’re into beauty you won’t get any better than Birchbox.  Every month you receive products that are guaranteed to give you a little self-care. And with their flagship store located in the city its easy to pop in and see what treats they have and make a special box for you.  Now if you aren’t a member but want to become one learn more about them here.

Lots of moms read, when they can. So books are always a win and are great stocking stuffers. So also included in this giveaway is Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery. It’s got Christmas, snow and romance how could I go wrong?

You’ve got a novel and cocktails, yet something is missing. Oh yeah, snacks! Specifically ice cream. Breyers has hooked the luck winner up with not one but TWO coupons towards FREE ice cream or gelato. If you haven’t tried the gelato then your life is lacking the desert area.  I hosted a giveaway for Breyers last year and I still get emails from readers telling me how much they love it.  There nothing is more indulgent than a tub of Breyers Gelato (which comes in 11 assorted flavors) each one better than the last tucked in your lap, cuddled by the fire (or radiator) in your favorite chair with a book in hand and a spoon in the other.

Perfume is always a favorite especially for those of are seeking a new scent. Which is why I’m including a sample bottle of Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler. It’s a great scent that isn’t too heavy that enters a room before you do, nor is it so light that it vanishes when the wind hits it. I’ve tried this scent and received a number of compliments so I’m hoping that you too will fall in love with it too.

What woman doesn’t like jewelry? The Sparklepop Heartbeat Necklace in rose gold is the perfect compliment to any casual outfit from yoga pants to your favorite pair of jeans. In addition, you will also receive a special coupon for 30% your first purchase on

Total value $159.99


Speaking of getting cozy on lazy afternoons…

The Snuggie is lazy day personified. I received one as a gift a few years back and it is the best gift I ever received. It’s your own personal blanket, but with arms. This is one gift that truly speaks for itself. Now when you’re on the couch binge watching Netflix you can keep your body warm while keeping your hands exposed. And best of all it has pockets! You know pockets makes everything better. Now you can keep the remote close while you snuggle and eat without coming from under the blanket.

Every mom I know is always on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. Riders by Lee provides this with their Bounce Back collection. These jeans that will keep their shape while flattering yours, no matter how you move. This is so important because moms are on the go non-stop all day and we need pants that are going to move with us, not constrict us. Feeling uncomfortable and trapped in your own pants is not a good look or feeling. You’ll get to see for yourself as Riders by Lee will gift one pair of the Bounce Back jeans, in the style of your choosing. Once you wear them you’ll never be able to wear another pair.

Total value $30

But wait, there’s more…

There are a couple of things that aren’t shown that you’ll also take home. First, is a gift card from Urbansitter.


I love them so much! I found my kid’s sitter through this service and I couldn’t be happier. I’m just sad that I don’t see my sitter more than I already do. How does it work? It’s simple, get on your desktop or phone, locate a sitter and book her. That’s it! Once the sitter accepts the job you will be notified. If you’re locating someone new there are various interview options available before you actually book to watch your kids. It really get no more perfect than that! Value $50

And lastly, ComfiArt


Who doesn’t love stylish home decor? Graphic designer and internet marketer, Dionna Collins is the creator of ComfiArt. By sourcing designs from Atlanta and Miami, in addition to creating some herself she sets out to make ComfiArt the go-to for home and office decor.  I love these pillows with their bright designs and inspirational/funny saying.  ComfiArt will be giving gifting a single throw pillow to add a little pop to your home or office. I also love that they’re more than just pillows they also have decorative cover-ups and mugs. Value $35

If you wanna win EVERYTHING shown then all you gotta do is enter below. The more entries you snag the better for your chance to win!

FYI: A portion of this giveaway is a sponsored by some amazing brands. Thank you to Urbansitter, Riders by Lee, Snuggie, Breyers, Teleflora and ComfiArt. I truly appreciate your participation.