Today is my birthday and it never fails that every time it rolls around there’s always a snow storm. And by snow storm, I don’t mean a little duster. I mean SNOW. Feets and feets of snow.

I’m serious, this is like the 5th year or more in a row. It’s to the point where I stopped planning shit cause I refuse to put money down and then I have to reschedule. It’s a complete and utter downer for me.

While I should be grateful because I have breath in my body to even celebrate my born day, I can’t help but be bitter. I look at most of my friends with their birthday’s that are complete with bare legs, mini’s and spaghetti straps. While mine is met with 5 layers of clothing, a skully cap, goose down coat and furry boots. The hate is strong and I’m not ashamed to admit that. lol

So to combat my utter disgust for mother nature this time of year, I’m gonna perk myself all the way up with 35 Things That Make Me Smile, regardless of the current temperature.

1. Family – No matter what at the end of the day I love these people and they love me, therefore nothing else matters.

2. Being alone
3. Fashion
4. Going to the movies
5. Sunrises & sunsets – There is something so calming about witnessing the dawn of a new day or the close of one. It let’s you know fresh starts are always possible.

6. Planes
7. Trash tv
8. Tanning
9. Flowers
10. Alcohol – Because liquor is so beautiful I can’t help but to smile when it’s nearby.

11. Palm trees
12. Puppies & kittens
13. Balloons
14. Rainbows
15. Books – I love reading about various topics and being transported to different times in the universe, whether it’s fiction or non.

16. Friends
17. Ice cream
18. Tea
19. Swings
20. Food – I’m always hungry. I just enjoy food and trying new things.

21. Getting money
22. Napping
23. Kids laughing
24. Kids sleeping
25. Blogging – Putting myself out there with tips I give, ideas I have and the stories I share.

26. Seeing people help one another
27. Road trips
28. Toes in the sand
29. Waterfalls
30. Cruising – I am a cruise nut I’ve been on 3 and each one was better than the last. I love the idea of getting on a ship and letting it take me wherever she pleases. And the unlimited buffet don’t hurt either.

31. South Beach
32. Idris Elba
33. Taking strolls
34. Surprises
35. New York City – I’ve called this city home for 15 years and no matter how much I think I know it or when I proclaim that I’m over it and ready to move back to New Jersey she always manages to show me something new to make me fall in love with her all over again.

*Edited to add – This is what I mean by the awesome shit that will only been seen in NYC

Making this list actually made me feel better than I thought it would. Reflecting on all of these things allowed me to enjoy memories and just laugh to myself, which is a perfect way to celebrate arriving at your mid-thirties…talking and laughing to yourself. =)