The release of A Bad Moms Christmas is almost here and I can’t fucking wait! This is the sequel to the 2016 summer blockbuster Bad Moms. If you haven’t seen Bad Moms you’re missing out on grade A hot mess mom entertainment, centered around Mila Kunis (Amy), Kristen Bell (Kiki) and Kathryn Hahn (Carla – my spirit animal) who are on a quest to take down the mother of all sanctimommies Christina Applegate.

So naturally, when the holiday follow up was announced I knew I had to clear my schedule. There would be no way that I would miss the opportunity for some much needed hot mess holiday shenanigans.

What’s ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ about?

A Bad Moms Christmas MommyRandR Valerie Pierre

Amy, Kiki and Carla are back to take on the mother of all holiday’s, Christmas. And if dealing with finding the perfect gifts, decorating to pretty much make everything perfect wasn’t enough…their parents show up. This is where the shit hits the fan and in the end everyone has to figure out what really makes the holiday’s important to them and their families.

Why should you see it?

It’s Bad Moms! That’s the only reason why you should wanna go and see it. And honestly, what other reason do you need? There’s excessive drinking, inappropriate behavior and other mommy antics that will leave you in stitches. It’s one of the reasons why I love Bad Moms so much, they have the ability to take the everyday mommy struggles, and put a hilarious twist on them making those situations funny and universally relatable.

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Peep the A Bad Moms Christmas trailer