A couple of weeks ago my husband did something very nice for me and my friends, he treated us to a spa day at The Setai Club & Spa Wall Street in NYC. If you remember I went to this spa for my birthday and it was fabulous. Naturally when he said spa, this was the only one that came to my mind. Their walking proximity to the WTC PATH made it easy for my friends to train it from NJ and for us to walk to South Street Seaport so we can dine afterward.


A sad fact about going to the spa was only one of us had ever had a massage before. I can tell you right now that person wasn’t me. Yes, I had been here before but it wasn’t for a massage. And why up until this point in my life had I not had a professional massage before was beyond me. Thankfully my first was going to here.

So on a sunny Saturday afternoon 5 mothers, who had not been away from their kids to enjoy each others company in god knows how long, met up for what would be the greatest day of our lives. Okay well, the 2nd greatest day – the first was when we flew to Miami for a week. Nothing will trump that.

When we got to the spa we could hardly contain ourselves to the point that we forgot what floor we were going to. Have you ever seen 5 grown women looking confused in an elevator going from floor to floor? No?! Well, I assure you it was a sight, especially when we got to the floor that was pitch black. It was right out of the scene from Annabelle. I can only assume when the elevator operator had his fill of our antics on the security camera, he got on the loud speaker and told us which floor the spa was located on. It was the only button we didn’t press. After much embarrassment, we were finally on our way.

Once we made it to The Setai, Tina was there to greet us and gave us a tour of the facility. She then lead us to the women’s changing area so we could swap our yoga gear, that we did no yoga in, for fluffy robes and slippers. She wasted no time in getting us to the massage waiting area, which is hidden behind this door that looks like a wall. So you’re quite literally stepping into a hidden paradise. Covered in dark woods, tranquil music and aromatherapy scents the sitting area instantly puts you in a relaxed mood…and if doesn’t help the unlimited champagne will get you feeling right. The plan was for all of us to get deep tissue massages and spend the rest of the day in the hot tub/dry sauna area while drinking the Setai drier than the Sahara.

Me after spitting the wasabi

The massages were two at a time and with me being last there was plenty of time for me to get into trouble. Let me be clear, I don’t look for shenanigans; shenanigans finds me. Case in point, the snacks they had laid out included hot tea (yum), and various treats. I taste tested each treat til I landed on one that was green pea that looked like it was covered in “sugar”. Like a child, I wasted no time putting it in my mouth instead of asking, what’s this? .3 seconds later I spit that pea across the room and into my friends lap. Mass hysteria ensues, at the expense of the 4-alarm blaze happening in my mouth. I didn’t spit it on purpose, I was just trying to get the hotness out of my mouth and spitting it out was the only option I could think of at the moment. I was in a panic. After they calmed down they asked if I’ve ever had a wasabi pea before? Up until then, no. And trust me, that wasn’t a way I wanted to be introduced to it. Like an angered child I took my seat and covered myself with one the luxurious throws and waited for my turn.

When my massage time came I was ready. I told the masseuse I wanted and all over rub and don’t worry about being gentle. I got on the table and what that woman did to me was beyond magic. Her hands worked all my kinks out. I was almost offended when she was done cause my muscles were like, don’t stop. She was worth the wait. I cannot remember her name but I’m sure the club can look it up, cause when I go back I only want HER!

With everyone feeling limber after their massage, we popped what had to be our fourth or fifth bottle and headed over to the hot tub/dry sauna area. Days leading up to our visit we chatted at length about “spa etiquette” and how we wanted to stay within the guidelines. Prior to our arrival The Setai informed me we could be nude or we can wear a bathing suit. We were vehemently opposed to being nude, regardless if we were going to be on the ladies only side of the spa. However, after the massage we pretty much said to hell with trying to put on bathing suits and enjoyed the area sans our suits. In this moment we would be bonded forever.


We were trying to keep covered up but when I thought I was discreetly fixing my towel I ended up flashing everyone. At that point, everyone said to hell with it and allowed ourselves to be fully submerged in our surroundings. No one cared about others “flaws” or if we saw each other. This was an opportunity for us to enjoy ourselves and relax. Why not go all out? We talked, soaked and drank some more. Were we a little loud…uh, probably. But what do you expect from a group of women who could hardly contain ourselves when our children weren’t around. This was a celebration… and it was well deserved.

At the end of the day we showered in stalls that were as big as our entire bathrooms, which the following day pretty much made our showers at home unacceptable. We felt like new women and all of our stresses didn’t seem to matter as much. This was exactly what we needed. Jeff had done a phenomenal job!

PicMonkey Collage

But the day wasn’t over. My wonderful husband not only treated us to the spa but he also treated us to dinner. Since we were so close to the South Street Seaport there would be no reason as to why we should leave that area to find food. We all wanted seafood so we found Cowgirl Sea-Horse. They’re located a couple of blocks over from Fulton. Its practically under the Brooklyn Bridge which made for an awesome view. The food and service were great, but the drinks were even better! If you don’t already know drinking is our theme when we’re together. It was a perfect way to end the night.

If you’re in NYC then I suggest going to The Setai for a spa day with your girls or alone. It really is a slice of heaven in the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York City. Thank you Jeff for the awesome group trip as you knew we truly needed it. I will be going back again because I have a comp VIP pass that I plan on cashing in sometime this summer. Now that I think about it, I should really just buy a membership. I don’t know, we’ll see.

Photo Credit: Setai Club Wall Street