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MamarazziIt’s not everyday that I’m able to attend a Mamarazzi event hosted by The Moms. This would actually be my second for the year. If you could only see my sad face about this. You see, my husband’s schedule doesn’t allow me the opportunity to attend events unless they happen after he gets home. So when I got an invite one morning from The Moms I instantly put on my sulk face, until I noticed who the event was for.

This event would feature author and television producer Melissa Rivers, daughter of the late iconic comedienne Joan Rivers, to celebrate the release of her new memoir The Book of Joan. WHHHHATTTT?! I had heard about this book, so you could bet your biscuits I was going. And nothing was gonna stop me. I immediately phoned my husband to tell him he would need to take a personal day so that I could attend. This would be one Mamarazzi event I knew it would be amazing.

And it was.

For more than an hour at the Juniper Bar, Mamarazzi attendees, members of press and friends had the pleasure of listening to Melissa speak about the incredible relationship she shared with her mom, why she’ll never work at her mother’s high energy pace (no matter how hard she tries), how she coped with her first Mother’s Day without Joan and how this book has been helping her through this difficult time in her life.


The Book of Joan is a hilarious memoir in which Melissa chronicles some known and a lot more unknown crazy stories that took place at home with Joan and her late father Edgar, who “as of this past September, is no longer resting in peace“. There are stories of Joan sleeping behind oversized sunglasses at all of Melissa’s childhood sporting events, to getting dressed up to eat room service dinner and a Vegas casino to loosing $200k per minute because Joan’s act ran over 5 minutes…yeah do the math and let that figure sink in. The stories are gut busting and written in a way that puts you right in the middle of all of Joan’s antics. You don’t need an audio book for this because you can hear Joan and Melissa’s voices on the pages. I could go on and on about this book, but I don’t have to its stories of Joan Rivers written by the woman who knew her best, nothing else needs to be said.

Group photo with Melissa Rivers & The Moms.
I’m 2nd row on the right with my bestie of almost 20 years Nicole
Photo Credit: Fredy Mfuko of Mission 101 Media

After this group photo Melissa hung around to chat with guests, take photos and sign books. I got a quick and she signed a copy of my book…winning!!


It was a fabulous event! Listening to Melissa speak about her mom and their relationship, the both personally and professionally was funny, touching and inspiring all at the same time.

Watch video from the event on the Mommy R+R YouTube channel

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