This post is made possible by support from Pretty Woman: The Musical. All opinions are my own. This post will have gif’s from the play and movie, cause they’re fun.

Pretty Woman: The Musical valerie pierre mommyrandr

Pretty Woman is hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. My mom bought the VHS on a whim and when I saw it I knew it would become apart of my soul. Almost 30 years later I watch it like it’s my first time, only I know all of the words and the facial expressions.

So when I got the opportunity to see the Broadway version Pretty Woman: The Musical I jumped at the chance to go. I only had one extra ticket and so I hit up my Broadway loving bestie Allaya for a pre-Mother’s Day mommy night on the town.

Pretty Woman: The Musical valerie pierre mommyrandr

If you don’t already know, Pretty Woman is about a lady of the night (Vivian Ward) who on a chance encounter meets a lost out of town billionaire (Edward Lewis) who can’t find his way back to Beverly Hills. And because he can’t drive his borrowed Lotus Espirit our girl Vivian has to drive him back to his hotel. Once there they make a deal that she would work for him for the rest of the week by being his date for his business events. Sparks fly and hilarity ensues as Vivian learns to navigate his stuffy all business world, and through her, he discovers there’s more to life than making money.

Why should mom friends link up for Mother’s Day?

Allaya and I were so happy to be getting out of the house together. It had been almost two months since we’ve last seen each other. Yeah, we talk every day in our group chat, but nothing beats that face to face connection especially with Mother’s Day approaching. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate each other as mothers.

Is the musical exactly like the movie?

For the most part, but there are some changes to it. I mean, it’s Broadway, of course, they’re going to jazz it up and put their spin on it. Without spoiling too much, I will say I thought the entire cast did an amazing job of taking these iconic characters and making them their own.

Do you need to see the movie to enjoy the musical?

The long and the short answer is, no. You will enjoy it just as much as a person who’s seen the movie a million times. But because I’m such a huge fan of the movie, yes you should watch it. It’s a classic and everyone needs to see it at least once. You can rent it on Amazon for $2.99.

How do you get tickets and how much are they?

Pretty Woman: The Musical takes place at The Blue Banana Club also known as the Nederlander Theatre in Times Square, located at 208 West 41st Street. 

Pretty Woman: The Musical valerie pierre mommyrandr

For Mother’s Day leave the kids with dad or granny and gift your mom friends (and yourself) tickets to see this really great show. And because I encourage mom friend bonding use code MOM1 for discount tickets for as low as $59.

Quick tips on how to prepare for your pre-Mother’s Day night out to Pretty Woman: The Musical

Take a bath or shower while listening to Prince

Make sure the kids don’t hear you leaving so they can’t ask a thousand questions

Enjoy stepping out of the house kid free

Grab an Uber to the theater

Have fun

After you’ve seen Pretty Woman: The Musical (or if you’ve already seen it) let me know in the comments your thoughts about it.