about mommy r+r

Hi! I’m Valerie Pierre the mom behind Mommy R+R. Being a mother to two kids whose veins flow with Red Bull and wife to a geeky hardcore gamer graphic novel loving Batman obsessed husband, I fully understand the need for mommy me time.

I came up with Mommy R+R because I went to one too many play-dates where all the moms did was talk about their children. I mean, that’s fine and all, cause it IS a playdate. But when I asked what they liked to do outside of their kids there was like a record scratch. The question seemed foreign, or worse insulting. At that moment I knew, one I was never going back to that particular playdate, and two, I wanted to create a group that would bring moms together in a fun and relaxing atmosphere that would focus on resting their minds, bodies, and spirits.

When I’m not blogging you can find me roaming the aisles of Target waiting for them to tell me what I need, cause that’s how Target works. Or you can find me at the bookstore or in Micheals, cause journaling is my life….when I actually journal. I’m also working on knocking off some items on my ‘Life List‘. I haven’t gotten very far but it’s a work in progress.

Here are some more important things you should know about me are:

  • I cuss a lot. Like, a lot. I’ma Jersey Girl living in Brooklyn. I was born with a potty mouth.
  • I only drink tea. No coffee. I sipped Folders 25 years ago and I’m still gagging.
  • Sunflowers are creepy and scare the shit outta me. They will eat me and are not of this world.
  • If I’m not wearing my glasses I can’t see you.
  • I’m a beach bum. I’d trade Manhattan for sand and palm trees in a NY minute.
  • My birthday is in January so I never celebrate it.
  • I’m obsessed with H&M clothing. If I were rich I’d turn one into my personal closet.
  • I love snacks! If there’s cake or pie nearby I will sniff it out.
  • Idris Elba is gonna be my husband one day, I just know it.
  • I enjoy a good cocktail party. Wine and food…yes, please, and thank you!

That’s all there is about me. I’m looking forward to learning about you while you learn all about me. Wanna reach out and chat? Drop me an email at [email protected] or hit me on social @MommyRandR on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I look forward to hearing from you!