As you’ll come to notice some posts on Mommy R+R will contain Amazon affiliate links. This means when you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase I’ll get a small commission. In the name of transparency, the commission I get goes right back into Mommy R+R.

Why do I use affiliate links? Because Mommy R+R doesn’t run ads. Yes, you read that right. Mommy R+R is one of the few sites that doesn’t run ads which is the main source of income for most blogs and websites. I choose to take a different route by giving you curated “ads” via affiliate links.

Now, does this mean every post will contain affiliate links? No. Posts that are sponsored, contain affiliates, or where I’ve been given complimentary products/services will be clearly stated. And just because I’ve been paid for a post that does not mean that I’m not giving my honest opinion. I don’t do that here. Any brand/product that’s mentioned or featured on Mommy R+R is one that I stand by and would use if I had this site or not.

Thank you for supporting Mommy R+R.