beard game matters

My Friday started out as any other day when a Huff Post article caught my attention. It was about a Facebook group called, Beard Game Matters created by Mike McMillan that is dedicated to the appreciation of men’s beards.

Beards you say?

As someone who can appreciate finely coiffed facial hair I immediately requested to join. The 10 minutes I waited felt like ages. When I finally got in I felt like the gates of heaven had opened up. These men were beautiful. This is no exaggeration. Which is why the group has since gone viral.

When I first joined the group was already at 190+k and by the time Sunday afternoon had rolled around the group had swelled to over 530+k!!! Errybody and they mama and even grandmama was joining simply to partake in bearded eye candy.

So, how fine are the men in Beard Game Matters? This fine…

Photo Credit: Tim Cleveland (with permission).

Y’all see Tim?

His image was the first one that greeted me upon group entry. He wanted to know which beard looked better. I couldn’t answer him cause all my knees could do was buckle like a damn belt. And to (finally) answer Tim’s question….both boo. Both are beautiful on you.

And this is just a taste…a TASTE.

I spent all Friday in this group. I never spent so much time in one place on Facebook in all the years I been on there. My own page has never gotten this much attention. I couldn’t help myself. The images were flowing nonstop one after the other.

beard game matters
Photo Credit: Afsheen Bahrehmand‎ (with permission).

Look at Afsheen. Look at him. A sin to look this good.

And to think there’s more of that in there, which makes it so easy to not notice the hours fly by. One scroll turns to two, two to four and the next thing you know BOOM it’s bedtime. I’m glad I wasn’t the only woman who fell into the trap of this group.

beard game matters

This group is like a real life Ben & Jerry’s. So whether you join to ???? for pure entertainment or looking for  ???? since cuffing season is coming, there is truly a flavor for everyone.

So why should you join? Why shouldn’t you? Shit. It’s got hot men with facial hair. I assure you, you don’t need any other reason other than that. So here’s the link….. Beard Game Matters for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome. And don’t say I didn’t warn you. Tell your friends. Sharing IS caring.

*Update: Because the group has gone viral Mike has officially launched a dating website Beard Game But now I think about it, what if that was his plan all along? Get women hot and bothered for his start-up bearded men singles site.

[bctt tweet=”Wanna drool over hot men w/beards? Join #BeardGameMatters on FB. It’s ? af in there. #MCM” username=”MommyRandR”]

Are you in the #BeardGameMatters group? How long did you spend in there? Are you gonna sign up for the dating service?

*Thank you to Tim and Afsheen for allowing me to use their images for our drooling pleasure.