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Building My Empire with the 2019 Pipsticks + Workman Planner

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links that provide this website a small commission of every link purchase made. For the past month and a half, I’d been eyeing this 2019 Pipsticks + Workman planner in Barnes & Noble. Every time I go in there the display case whisper calls me, “Vaaaalerieeeee. Vaaaalerieeeee. Buy me, Valerie.” […]

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‘In Intimate Detail’ Is the Only Lingerie Guide You’ll Ever Need

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links which earn this blog a small commission. That commission goes towards the maintenance of this website. A little background There was a time I didn’t know shit about lingerie. My knowledge didn’t extend beyond knowing my bra size and attaching thigh highs to garter belts. I’m talking basic, that is until […]

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