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    Did you ever want to have a picnic in the park but you didn’t wanna lug all the food on the train or in a cab? If you answered yes, then you should try Picnycs.

    What is Picnycs? They’re a delivery service that brings picnic boxes of food right to the park. How does it work? Visit their website, choose from a number of yummy items on their menu, select the park that you will picnicking at and then meet the delivery at the designated drop off point…and boom, you’re ready for a picnic in the park!

     Since I’m a Brooklyn girl I selected my family’s favorite park, Fort Greene Park. I chose the corner of Washington Park and DeKalb Avenue. The delivery was right on time! I actually saw the delivery before they saw me standing in the corner. The boxes are clearly labeled with the logo making it easy to spot your boxed lunch.

    I copped a squat in the park with the family to enjoy an adult box which consisted of a BLT sandwich that had bacon, avocado, crisp romaine lettuce and fragrant summer tomatoes are complimented by a smoky cracked pepper aioli with a side of green salad and fruit tray that I shared with my husband while my daughter and her brother shared the children’s box which had a chicken wrap cut into 4’s with a side of freshly cut cheese sticks and fruit salad.

    You know how you can tell a meal is good? When no one is talking while they eat. There were only mmm’s and my daughter breaking the silence to shout, “this is tasty and good!” And it was!

    (Adult box: Avocado BLT w/ a side of fresh greens & fruit)

    20140809_123523    20140809_123531

    (Children’s box: Lemon chicken wrap w/ a side of fresh cheese & fruit)
    20140809_123603    20140809_123554

    All of the food that we received was fresh and absolutely mouthwatering! A quick back story on me, I spent earlier part of 2000 as an office assistant and I can tell you I’ve catered from some of the top restaurants in New York City and I would easily rank Picnycs at the top of my list of caters. It’s THAT good! Cause if there are 2 things I know really well…its event planning and catering.

    So before the summer officially comes to a close please make it a point to have a picnic and order from them. They not only deliver to Fort Greene and Prospect Park in Brooklyn but also all over Manhattan. Visit their website for a complete listing.

    UPDATE: Picnycs is a seasonal company. According to their last tweet on Sept 1, 2014 they will be returning Memorial Weekend 2015

    Photo Credit: Picnycs