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  • Power Your Happy with Popsugar Founder & Author Lisa Sugar

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    power your happyPopsugar founder and Power Your Happy author Lisa Sugar (pictured right), is one of the happiest people I’ve ever met.  By happy I don’t mean bouncing off the walls hyped – although she could be I just didn’t see it. I’m talking about more of an air about her that exudes happiness as well as peacefulness and positivity.

    We all know someone like this – no matter when we see them they’re always smiling and telling us to not let the negative thing in life keep us down.  This is Lisa! When I attended the Power Your Happy event (appropriately named after the for the release of her first book) I discovered that powering your happiness is not only possible but a  necessity.

    So, how do you  power your happiness? According to Lisa you can power your happy by:

    Following the Signs

    If you enjoy doing something and you find yourself continuously surrounded by it and/or pulled in the direction of it, then that could be a sign that you should be doing it. Since I can remember I have always found myself sharing stories and coordinating events, this ultimately lead me down the path blogging and hosting events. Without even realizing it I followed the signs to my happiness. Had I stayed at my previous job I would be stuck in a cube maze doing the same boring job. I would not be as happy and fulfilled as I am today.

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    As we celebrate National Happiness Happens Day I thought we could have some fun with it by listing 12 things that make moms happy.

    Lets finish the sentence: Happiness happens….

    after that first sip of morning coffee.

    when we can eat our food without having to share it.

    on the first day of school.

    when kids take naps/go to bed.

    after that first sip of wine.

    when you find random money in your pocket or purse.

    when that Amazon delivery arrives.

    when the kids clean up after themselves.

    when that payday direct deposit hits.

    when you get great sex!

    when there’s a sale.

    when you discover a new show on Netflix.

    when you can listen to what you in the car.


    when you’re able to be in the bathroom ALONE.

    There are so many way that happiness happens for moms. Share your comments below with all the things that make YOU happy!


    What do you get when you combine top-of-the-line skin care, high-end luxury spa resorts, and a aromatic greens salad?  The Organic Spa Magazine Media Event, that’s what!

    Held at the Mandarin Oriental New York, a premier New York City destination, the Organic Spa Media Event brought together dozens of brands and hundreds of influencers, united by the goal of creating holistic well-being.  This year marked the fourth such gathering, and attracted media attention from all over the northeast, with companies representing the United States, Europe, South and Central America, and China.

    While larger lines like Aura Cacia were there debuting their new product lineups, newer startups like Plume—Hair and Lash science were present as well, revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with a plant-based, all-natural lash boosting serum.  MyChelle boasted a highly effective, yet baby gentle line of sun care that felt more like a moisturizing treatment than a sunscreen.  Between visiting all the companies, attendees were encouraged to partake of a healthy and delicious lunch, with lush green salads, fresh fruit, sandwiches and hibiscus iced tea.

    organic spa magazine

    organic spa magazine

    organic spa magazine

    organic spa magazine

    organic spa magazine

    The Media Event was a direct embodiment of the mission of Organic Spa Magazine, providing “insight and informed advice on natural beauty and skin care, health and wellness topics, fitness and food, eco fashion and design, green travel and much, much more.”  In addition to being a fantastic opportunity to meet other wellness-minded professionals, try luxurious new products, and scope out the best destinations for a much-needed break, the event was an oasis in and of itself, leaving attendees relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired.

    babydroppingsAllaya Cooks-Campbell is the mother of an adorable newborn and step-mommy to two gorgeous tweens. She works very hard to keep her children from developing her sense of humor. An avid yogi, gamer and novelist, Allaya lives in New York with her husband, Damany. You can find her exploring motherhood at


    Photo Credit: Damany Campbell of Kanji Photography


    I don’t talk about this often, only a select few are aware of my low key obsession with Beyonce. When she released ‘Formation’ last month I exploded. It spoke to me on so many levels. This was a Beyonce that I had never heard before. I was thinking to myself, “self, how can this get nay better?”, and then it as if God (or the microphone attached to my Facebook app) because out of nowhere I see a Facebook ad for DivaDance Company offering a four week long Formation dance class.

    I signed up immediately.

    On the first day of class I rolled up ready like

    I was ready! I gave my two left feet a stern talking to beforehand and told them they need to get their act together and get into formation with the rest of my body, and this class. I will not be undermined. They listened…most of the time.

    The class size was a decent size, about 15 of us. I don’t know about anyone else but I went into it completely hardcore, despite that not being the tone of the class. My instructor Tiana (who is a total badass) was great!

    She let everyone know out the gate there was absolutely no pressure to get the steps 100%, and that we should move in the way that would make us feel most comfortable. These classes are all about channeling out inner Beyonce (or whichever diva you prefer) and having some fun together, this the essence and foundation in which DivaDance Company was built.

    So what exactly happens when you take a four week class with DivaDance Company?

    Before the start of every class there was a quick 2 minute ice breaker question that allowed for everyone to chat and get to know one another. Questions included asking a classmate what they did for a living and next week we had the challenge of deciding which celebrity closet we would raid. I said Solange. I like her funky style, and that wedding dress!

    After our quick warm up we get right into it…

    THE FIRST WEEK: We started off with learning about our cues and when to start. We begin dancing after Big Freedia declares “I did not come to play with you heaux! I came to slay, bitch! I like corn breads and collard greens, bitch. Oh yas, you besta believe it.” We immediately start with the shoulder bounce and head nod, its on from there. We end the night learning choreography up to hot sauce in my bag swag. Tiana wasn’t in a rush, which was great. She allowed for questions and redid steps as many times as needed so that everyone was in sync.

    SECOND WEEK: We are a little more relaxed and are now moving with a little more ease. We would now learn the moves to the most famous part of the song

    Everyone was ready for these steps, its probably the only part of the dance that everyone knew. Tiana let us have fun with it but I saw how quickly she moved on the next stage of the choreography. Well played. We made it all the way up to learning the movement to at when Beyonce talks about how she slays.

    THIRD WEEK: This is the week when things get way more technical. If you thought you had it in the bag, nope. Now you’re gonna learn about your mark and how to move in symmetry together. Remember for this to work you you must keep it tight with your arms and legs fully extended. When done correctly you and everyone in class will be in perfect formation.

    FINAL WEEK: We spent this time going over everything we had learned from the weeks prior. This is meant that we were tightening up our line formation, which I was still a little wobbly on. But Tiana went over every step and answered tons of questions and worked with those who needed it one on one, which I was grateful for because I cannot stress enough how quickly everything moves in this video. You think its slow when you’re looking at it but when you’re doing it’s a whole nuther ball game.

    After the last class I left with my inner Beyonce smiling. Did I become a “master dancer” I set out to become? Uh, no. Not even close, and I’m okay with that. I learned that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself for my lack of dancing and rhythm skills. I need to relax, not over think things and just have a blast living in the moment.

    If you would like to take a class at DivaDance click here…and sign up as soon as you can as these classes sell out fast!