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  • Ways You Can Train Your Brain

    Today is #NationalTrainYourBrain day! I’ve put together a number of ways that you can start exercising your brain in order to get the most out of it. You see, the brain is like a muscle and it needs to be worked out in order to be kept strong. If you’re worried that you haven’t been training your brain, chances are you have been, you just didn’t realize it. 

    train your brainRead a book on a subject you like or if you really want to get your brain into overdrive, readabout a topic that you know little about and dive in. Your brain will soak up the new information making it stronger with all the new information it possesses.

    train your brainThere are a few sites that help you train your brain but Lumosity does it best. With personalized games and quizzes you’ll find the more you play the stronger your brain will become.

    train your brainNothing will get your brain burning with rapid activity than a good old fashioned board game. Scrabble is notorious for its ability to improve word recognition and spelling.

    train your brainHear me out on this one – playing video games are great for expanding the mind as the player gains increased split thinking capabilities, strategy and multi-tasking skills.

    train your brainLack of sleep causes the brain to not function. Not getting enough rest can also lead to forgetfulness, and can also lead to stress and depression.

    train your braincombinations of foods — canenhance memory, build new brain cells and even help ward off Alzheimer’s.

    train your brainHitting the gym will allow help your brain by increasing your heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain. It’ll also release hormones that aid and provide a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells.


    Goddess on the Go is a day long women’s spiritual workshop founded and hosted by Leora Edut. Her retreats are meant to bring together women so that they can not only connect with each other but to also connect with themselves. I had the pleasure of attending her Goddess on the Go event this summer and it was amazing.  Taking place at Ramscale Studio in the West Village this event was filled with sisterhood, exploration, sexuality and bonding.

    Goddess on the Go

    Leora created Goddess on the Go in 2012, after more than 10 years of self exploration in spirituality, energy work, transformational workshops, sisterhood, and relationships, Leora learned that the thing that truly made her happy was making a difference in the community of women. And that is something that you can tell the moment you walk in the door. I had heard about this workshop from a friend who had been previously and knew that I would love it, as I too am a lover of sisterhood and bonding. She was right. There is nothing I love more than to be in a room surrounded by women who are about not only lifting up themselves but others as well.

    I didn’t know what to expect from the event when arriving, but the women were immediately welcoming and made me feel at home. It didn’t matter that I had just met them. I felt comfortable and that is so important when you’re attending events that alone. It made me wish my friends were there, not because I needed them to make the event better but because I knew they were about to miss out on something that was going to be beneficial to them.

    Before the event got underway, there was mixing and mingling among guests and meeting the vendors that were on hand with products and services that were geared towards the theme of the event. When it was time for the workshop to begin Leora gave a moving speech about her humble beginnings and what happened in her life that lead her down the path that would ultimately lead her to create Goddess on the Go. The first exercise we took part in was tantric dance/yoga. I cannot tell a lie, it did feel awkward moving in such a way in front of a room full of strangers. But when you stopped thinking about it, it was easy to get into. The movements were not only designed to loosen us up but to allow us to tap into our inner sexual goddess. It’s okay to be sexy, have sex and to travel down other avenues to not only please your partner but yourself as well.

    Next, we also learned about the importance of interrupting our dreams and how we can use them to pursue what it is we want in our lives. There was also a group dance, in which attendees formed a circle and danced, and the rest of us had to follow. I was praying that I would not get selected, as I cannot dance. I didn’t pray hard enough as I picked to dance. But when you’re in the circle its not about looking like an extra in ‘You Got Served’ but doing whatever comes to you at the moment and enjoying it. Afterward, was a lesson in nutrition and how we should start to not only savoring our food but being more cautious as to what we’re putting in our bodies. Which was the perfect segue to lunch. Delicious vegan meals were served. Following lunch we learned about our spirit guides and how we should follow the signs they give us so that we can become the person that we were meant to be and not just going through the motions. Sadly the time came for me to depart.

    This was by far the most relaxing spiritually awakening event that I had ever been to. When I stepped outside I felt rejuvenated. I had renewed energy and focus in my life, both personally and professionally. 

    Below are photos from the event:

    @thelovegypsy grounding us in a #sensual #awakening #tantra #Goddessonthego

    A photo posted by Leora Edut (@goddessonthego1) on

    @jackie_janiec guiding us to our dreams #NOW #Goddessonthego A photo posted by Leora Edut (@goddessonthego1) on

    Sharon Holland Gelfand leading us how to slow down and tap into our bodies #Goddessonthego ??

    A photo posted by Leora Edut (@goddessonthego1) on

    So many beautiful women and this isn’t even all of em’ #Goddessonthego #NYC

    A photo posted by Leora Edut (@goddessonthego1) on

    If you’re interested in attending a Goddess on the Go event (which I hope you are, because everyone needs to attend at least once) one will be taking place on October 18 in NYC. Click here to get your ticket. For more information about Leora and Goddess on the Go please visit her website.

    *Please note that for the purpose of this review I was given a complementary ticket to this workshop. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Photo Credit: Leora Edut


    Early Sunday morning the day after the 4th of July, I drove into midtown to take a BoCo Classic workout session with Lauren from Body Conceptions. The hour long class consisted of integrative cardio and body sculpting exercises that burn fat, exercise the heart, and target all areas of the body from the arms and abs to the thighs, seat, and back. Two days later my butt, abs and thighs are still feeling the burn.

    The class took place at their weekend location Stepping Out Studios, located on 26th and 6th Avenue. Due to the holiday it was a small class of just 4 people. Which was great because that give us room to really spread out and for me to see the instructor. Once everyone was settled Lauren explained the class and we were on our way.

    The music started and I swear to you midway through the warm up I was sweating bullets, dripping like…

    I looked at Lauren and my other classmates and they were dry as a bone. I could easily say I run hot, but I won’t lie. I’m out of shape. Just the day before I ate more wings than I can count and half a apple pie. You now understand why I was sweating so profusely.

    After the warm up we got right into working out our upper body. When you look at tiny 2lb weights you think to yourself, I got this. *buzzer sound* No. No, you don’t. You do? Well, okay so its only me that’s weaker than a newborn pup. Keeping my arms up while making circular motions truly made me feel like I could live with the having slightly flabby arms for the rest of my life. The burning was intense, which meant it was working. Lauren was still upbeat and dry, while the sweat was making tiny pools of water on the inside of my glasses.

    From there we did a ballet like routine, complete with plie that would begin the workout for our lower body. You see the way my arthritis is set up, that was NOT gonna happen. I went as low as I could without my kneecaps sounding like a bowl of Rice Krispies. Lauren was graceful and hardly broke a sweat. At this point my cup of ice water was almost gone and my glasses were sliding off my face. My thighs and calves are still sore at me, pun intended.

    Then it was time for  the seat portion of our workout. This is where the beast came out of Lauren, which is the same time my disdain for her came out as well. Do not be fooled by her small peppy stature. She took us through this last portion like nothing I’d ever seen. On the floor raising legs while keeping your balance was crazy. I was struggling where she had full control. It felt like someone set a match to my lower body. The burn was unbearable. I had to stop a few times to hop it out. I was the only one. Everyone else took it like a champ. But I would not be defeated. I made sure to fall back in line and go to the end. 

    Speaking of the end, the dance wind down at the end really showcased the fact I don’t have an ounce of rhythm, as well as my inability to follow a coordinated dance routine. The song was a club banger which really got you in the mood to dance. The movements were geared toward your whole body to work out whatever burn was leftover from the hour. Finally, the uptempo dance moved into a slow stretch to complete the session. Thankfully this meant being on the floor because I was done, all that was missing was a fork.

    This class wasn’t about difficult moves or going hardcore. It was about simple yet strategic moves everyone can do that are meant to tone and shape your body.

    mahripicBody Conceptions founded by Mahri Relin, is a full-body lengthening and sculpting method that combines the principles of dynamic movement and muscle exhaustion.  Both body-sculpting and cardio components use integrated movements that involve multiple muscles and that require engagement of and connection to the core.  Exercises are coordinated with current, exciting music. The goal of Body Conceptions is to help men and women across the spectrum of their lives – from youth to pregnancy, menopause, and beyond.

    While my body may be angry with me for such a workout. It was done to help get it into some kind of shape. I workout on and off and I don’t really commit to a studio because I love pie! But this is one class that I might have to lay off the pie for. It was worth it and I look forward to a future class with Body Conceptions.

    If you’re unable to attend a class don’t worry they can come to you, as they have private solo and group classes. They also have pre and postnatal class, as well as special occasion classes. Find out more by contacting them by phone or email.

    *Please remember all thoughts and opinions expressed in this piece are my own. The only compensation I received was a complementary class for the purpose of this review.


    MAVEN Hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics all have one thing in common, the dreaded waiting room. The bane of every person’s existence. Whether a pre-scheduled appointment or an emergency visit, there’s a chance you’ll be in the waiting room twiddling your thumbs longer than you’ll be in the exam room with the doctor. I used to work for a doctor, so I know first hand. No one likes to wait, especially when they have an appointment. But what if I told you, you don’t have to be subjected to boring waiting rooms sitting in chairs that have seen better days.

    Enter the Maven – the first digital health and wellness clinic designed for women. This medical app that allows you to book appointments and meet with licensed practitioners right from your phone in the privacy of your own home or anywhere.

    I met reps for Maven at The New York Baby Show and knew instantly I needed to share this healthcare system with you. I mentioned them in my ’15 Favorites’ list from the show so it only makes sense that I follow up and explain what it is, how it works and why you need to have this app downloaded on all your devices.

    Maven believes “women shouldn’t have to go to the doctor’s office every time they have a health question.” Their goal is to “provide women the kind of affordable but definitive support we feel is most lacking right now, in fields like fertility, pregnancy, postpartum care, and children’s health.

    So the most important question is, how does it work?

    DOWNLOAD the app from the App Store; coming soon for Droid users.
    CHOOSE a physician from the list of 100+ providers based on their expertise.
    BOOK an appointment and meet the physician via chat on your phone.
    FOLLOW UP any time to make follow up appointments or for post appointment notes.


    With appointments ranging from 10 minutes to an hour you’ll find the starting cost of an appointment is lower than a co-pay. Winning! For me that will be an additional savings up to $25 dollars because when I drive to doctor appointments I pay for parking and NYC garages take no mercy on your wallet. Double winning! And I won’t have to get dressed up, as I can take my appointment in my t-shirt with the pasta sauce stain from lunch with the kids my and yoga pants. TRIPLE WINNING!


    • Breastfeeding support and infant care via lactation consultants
    • Nutrition support and weight loss via nutritionists
    • Private birth education classes and postpartum support via doulas
    • Fertility counseling or general women’s care via OB/GYNs
    • Prenatal support via women’s health nurse practitioners
    • Postpartum support via women’s health physical therapists
    • Postpartum depression support via perinatal mental health providers
    • Children’s health services via family nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, and pediatricians
    • Primary care services with Rx capability via nurse practitioners to treat basic issues: UTIs, the common cold, the flu, rashes, heartburn, etc.

    Maven prides themselves on being there when you need them to be, making healthcare about YOU, charging no hidden costs and keeping your records secure. To read more about Maven visit them online and while you’re there make sure you stop by their blog, they offer various health and wellness tips written by the practitioners themselves.

    I am impressed by this company and how they were able to come together to create an app that integrates itself so seamlessly into the lives of women and their families. Its a comfort knowing we have someone just a few quick swipes away who will be there to ease our minds about whatever medical questions or concerns we may be experiencing at that very moment.

    Have you heard of Maven before prior to the NY Baby Show? Do you use it? Share your experiences.

    Photo Credit: Maven Clinic