• 16 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Can Do Now Kids Are Back in School

    It’s officially back-to-school season! The two months that you spent with your children non-stop making seemingly endless meals have come to an end. I’m not saying that you didn’t enjoy being with your children but let’s be real, there were times you couldn’t wait for them to go back so that you could get a moment to yourself. You’re human and it’s normal to feel that way. It doesn’t make you a bad mom, I promise. That said, I’m going to compile a list of things stay home moms can do after morning drop-off.

    Go Out And Treat Yourself

    When was the last time you purchased something for yourself? No, I’m not talking about personal items. I’m talking about treating yourself to something that you’ve wanted for a long while or purchased on a whim. Take the time to enjoy the peacefulness of a department browsing aisle by aisle. Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it! I personally love to go to the store right after drop-off as the stores are mostly empty and quiet. Even if I don’t buy something treating myself to a few hours of wandering the mall always lifts my spirit.

    Meet up with friends

    During the summer it can be hard to meet up with friends due to the difference in summer schedules but once school is back in session it can be easier for moms to meet up. Coordinate your schedules and after drop-off meet up for a meal and conversation. Connecting and catching up with friends without children around means you can have adult conversations and be as carefree as you want to be. Make it a standing weekly or monthly gathering as it’s important to maintain and nurture relationships with our girls.


    Keep your mind and body active with daily body movement. Keep your mind sharp and your body healthy with a minimum of 20 minutes of movement a day. This is not a one size fits all routine as everyone’s body is different and requires different needs. The benefits of active body movement are a stronger body, improved sleep quality, decreased stress with the release of endorphins, and eases joint pain and stiffness.

    *Health tip: Check with your physician before you begin any workout routine.

    Take A Nap

    This is actually one of the most consistent things I do. Waking up early to get the kids ready for school morning after morning can take its toll on you, especially if you don’t have good sleeping habits. Taking a nap before pick-up will give you that much-needed boost of energy to get through the rest of the day. Just remember to set your alarm so you don’t oversleep.

    Take An Online Class

    You’re never too old to return to school or learn a new trade. There is no law that says if you’re over a certain age you can’t be in school. That’s hogwash. There is no better time to get or complete your degree or certifications than during your child’s school hours. The quietness of the house will allow you to focus on your course and get it completed before the kids get home from school. With coursework being online you can tailor your school schedule to your home schedule allowing you to dedicate certain days to your education and doing things around the house.

    Start A Small Business

    Not everyone is built for the daily 9 to 5 grind with micromanaging boss hovering over their shoulder every five minutes. Some people are meant to work for themselves. Access your skillsets and look into how you can turn that into a profitable business. If you’re a blogger/influencer who knows the ins and outs of the business you can consult and help other bloggers/influencers hit their goals. If you have corporate talents such as project managing, marketing, or information technology you can utilize your experience to independently aid local businesses.

    Start A Blog

    Speaking of blogging and content creating, you can create a little pocket on the web by creating your own blog or social media channel. The beauty of blogging is it allows you to talk about whatever topic you want and it works around your schedule. You talk about your family, yourself, or a topic that interests you as little or as much as you like whenever you like.

    Binge Watch A Series Or Watch A Movie

    Ahh, yes the pleasure of watching a movie that isn’t the same cartoon your child has made you watch for the thousandth time in a row. Catch a matinee or stay home and watch on demand. We all have that one movie or series that everyone has seen except for you, with the kids in school now is the time to peacefully press play.

    Mom walking children in to school

    Read A Book

    Just like television shows and movies, we all have that one or hundredth book on our shelf that we purchased but haven’t read yet. With the kids in school, you can blow the dust off your to-read list and get a few chapters in. If you’ve read all the books on your shelf (you haven’t) take a ride over to the local bookstore and discover a new author or two, or three. Treating yourself to books is always a good thing.

    Have Sex

    If your partner if you and your partner are fortunate to be home together, take advantage of having the house to yourselves by partaking in a little afternoon delight between meetings.

    Go Out With Your Partner

    Getting out in the evenings can be hard if there is no sitter available which makes day dates a great alternative. Go out to lunch or take a stroll around your neighborhood. Sure you could chill in the house together you always do that. Getting out to connect with one another and talking about things that are important to the both of you that are not related to the kids and house help keeps a relationship strong and the excitement alive.

    Get A Part-Time Job

    Being home all day can be boring and at times feel unfulfilling, especially if you once had a career. Keep your skills sharp and your experience current by getting a part-time job. For a few hours out of the week, you will connect with other adults outside of your personal relationships and earn a little money. In these times, it’s hard for families living on one salary. The second income will be a welcomed addition and takes some of the financial weight off your partner. Make sure to be firm about what times and days you can and cannot work.

    Volunteer Your Time

    If returning to the office isn’t in the cards then consider volunteering. You can work on fulfilling projects that are close to your heart at your leisure. You can volunteer at your child’s school to help execute events and chaperone events. As an alternative, choose a charity, shelter, or join your block association as a way to give back to your community.

    Deep Clean And Organize Your Home

    Trying to deep clean and organize your home can be a difficult task when you have kids around. You pull things out and get too tired to finish because you’ve gotten caught up with them. Ask me how I know. But once they’re back in school you can pretty much do whatever you want with no interruptions. Rearrange a room, clean off your office desk and declutter the drawers, mop the floors without worry of seeing little footprints before it dries, etc. whatever big house project you’ve been meaning to get to, with school back in session now is the time to check it off your to-do list.

    Learn A New Language

    You don’t need to be taking an international trip to learn a new language. People learn new languages to help them move up the corporate ladder, improve one’s memory, integrate themselves into a new community, and for pure fun. There are a number of popular second languages to choose from like Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, German, and more!

    Bask In The Silence

    Do you hear that? Yeah, it’s the sound of silence. Enjoy every moment of it.

    Mom walking children in to school

    As you can see there is a long list of things stay home moms can do once the kiddies head back to the classroom. Which one are you planning to do first?

  • You Deserve Me Time! Here’s How You Can Go About Getting It

    Being a mom is no walk in the park. There will be occasions when you’ll feel tired, irritated, overburdened, and so many other emotions in between, and for those reasons, one should never feel guilty about putting themselves first from time to time.

    It cannot be stressed enough, that if you don’t carve out time for yourself, you’ll find yourself continually fighting (and failing) to maintain your senses. Of course, your children are your first priority, but we should also remember not to neglect our personal pleasures and desires. That said, let’s talk about why moms deserve me time and how you can get it in spite of your hectic schedule.

    Pros For Taking Me Time

    A Chance To Recharge Your Energy

    Between work deadlines, running the kids between school and their extracurriculars, to caring for other family members who depend on you, your week (and sometimes weekends) is jammed packed. This full schedule makes it highly probable that you’re too exhausted to even function by week’s end. Nevertheless, you push yourself to go above and beyond to satisfy your obligations. By taking some time for yourself, you will regain your energy In the end, this will encourage you to pick up where you left off and finish the tasks at hand with enthusiasm.

    In What Seems Like a Fraction of Seconds, Your Child Will Grow Up

    Every mother’s greatest fear is that their child will grow up too quickly. You will miss out on a lot of these critical memories if you are continually too exhausted to pay attention to the tiny things. Additionally, you will find it difficult to maintain your happiness once your child leaves the house. As a result, it’s crucial to have some independent activities that serve as your motivation.

    Your Child(ren) Benefits From Your Me Time as Well

    This is two-fold. First, you’ll be more encouraged to set aside some me time once you realize how important it is for you to allow your child to be self-reliant. It will be challenging to teach your child to do activities on their own or to entertain themselves while you take a moment for yourself.  Secondly, because you’re taking time for yourself and refilling your self-care cup your child(ren) will see you more relaxed, energetic, and engaged.

    It Allows You to Reconnect With Other Loved Ones

    When you are so busy caring for your babies, it sometimes seems impossible to keep in touch with everyone else. But this type of disconnect can affect you mentally in the long run. If you keep aside some “me time” – you can utilize it to reconnect with old friends or simply spend time with family members you haven’t seen in a while.

    Ultimately, You Progress As A Mother

    You must have the stamina to cope with the frequent changes and difficult obstacles if you want to be the best mother you can be. You finally allow yourself to become a better version of yourself when you allow yourself the time to accomplish the things that bring you joy. In this way, you will have the patience necessary to support your child in every way. In order to finally become a better mom, you must prioritize me time.

    Woman resting on couch with eyes closed

    Getting Me Time: How Do You Do It?

    Time to Reconsider Your Sleep Routine

    How are you winding down before bedtime? Are you creating an atmosphere that tells your body that it’s time to wind down for rest? Having a sleep routine not only prepares your body for sleep. It also helps your body sleep peacefully once your body is in the bed.

    My personal sleep routine consists of a warm shower, a cup of hot tea or cold water (depending on the season), moisturizing my skin, and I listen to relaxing instrumental sounds. This routine takes less than an hour to complete. Create a bedtime routine that works for you, tweak it, and most importantly – stick with it.

    If Necessary, Officially Include Me Time In Your Schedule

    I’m here to tell you, get your me time in whenever you’re able. Schedule it if your schedule may not leave room for spontaneity. Never feel bad for scheduling a brief period of time to do nothing but what you want. To focus on your activities without distractions, leave the kids with their dad or you can ask a loved one to watch your child during that time. Seeing that free time on your calendar will give you something to look forward to.

    Your Free Time Should Be Used Sensibly

    It’s so easy to just lounge around without realizing how much time has passed. Nonetheless, it’s paramount that you utilize your spare time to complete tasks that make you feel satisfied. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking a good nap but it’s good to get out of the house for a little fresh air.

    Before you leave the house, plan in advance how you want to spend your free time. Think about whether you want to concentrate on a hobby or take a long walk. Whichever you choose, make sure your free time will be spent doing things that will bring you joy.

    If you really want to stay in the house (as I’m prone to do) you can use the time for yourself to work on projects that you’ve been putting off. It could be working on a family photo collage, organizing your work area, or tending the garden.

    Feel Free to Request Assistance Occasionally

    Because we don’t want to burden others with their duties, most moms frequently prefer to manage everything on their own. But on occasion, it’s totally acceptable to request assistance from loved ones so that you can take a short breath. Your family and friends care about your well-being they will not mind watching the little ones for a little while, trust me.

    Never Forget That You Are the Best Mother for Your Kids!

    You’ll have days when you feel like you’re not taking the best care of your kids. On those occasions, you should be kind to yourself and keep in mind how well you’re doing.

    I shared why you deserve me time and I’ve also provided you with some strategies for finding that time, even on the busiest of days. Hopefully, you can now routinely allow yourself to relax and enjoy your life as a mother.

  • Simple Morning Self-Care Routine Ideas To Help Get Your Day Started

    For most of my life, I’ve never been a morning person. As a mom, that’s changed. Getting up before the sun is all a part of parenthood. Despite the mental pains of rising early, I discovered some positives to it. I realized after school drop-off I fell into specific habits which ultimately became my morning self-care routine.

    This routine consisted of taking a slow walk around the neighborhood before heading back home, showering, having breakfast with a cup of tea, listening to meditative sounds, and putting on my diffuser to signify the start of my day.

    The thing about a morning self-care routine is that it doesn’t have to take all morning. It’s whatever you want it to be for however long you want it to last. It’s about ensuring you’ll be starting the day feeling at peace with yourself. Without my morning self-care routine, my day would seem incomplete.

     Morning Self-Care Routine Ideas To Get Your Day Started

    morning self-care routine

    Make breakfast / Hydrate

    You cannot start the day without breakfast. Make a little something to eat that will give you a morning energy boost that will last the morning. Don’t forget to remain hydrated throughout the day.

    Make bed / Tidy space

    When your space is tidy your mind and spirit will be clear as well. So make your bed, sweep the floors, fluff the pillows, remove dust from your furniture, and crack the window to let a little fresh air in. You’ll be shocked to discover that you won’t be tired but instead full of energy – enough to tackle the day.

    Exercise / Yoga

    Get your body moving with 20 to 30 minutes of exercise or yoga. Working out stimulates your body and gets you feeling in a better mood, boosts energy, and improves your body’s overall health.

    Meditate / Pray

    Meditation can help you clear your mind of stressors and organizes jumbled thoughts and ideas. It also allows you to really tap into your deepest thoughts and feelings.  You can meditate anywhere in your home or even outside. Choose a spot either on the floor sitting or laying the floor, whichever is comfortable, set a timer, play music or not, take note of your body and breath, let your mind wander letting thoughts come and go with ease. Praying works the same exact way instead you can read religious verses to gain wisdom and to connect further with the higher power above. Meditate and pray for as long as necessary.

    Spend time outdoors

    Going outside, especially in nature, has a number of benefits from improving your overall emotional mood, lowering stress, and helps you find inspiration. You can connect with yourself and the outdoor world around you by going on neighborhood walks, sitting in the park, going on a hike, and even sitting under a tree in the park. The possibilities for outdoor fun are endless.

    Play music that makes you feel good

    Aside from working out, music that makes you feel good is another way to get the body going. Dance around letting the music take hold of you. Use those happy vibes to release anything that’s pent up inside you.

    Take an indulgent shower or bath

    Showering is an ultimate act of privacy. Bathing is more than just washing away the dirt and sweat. It’s really about connecting with yourself and being fully present in the moment. Showers can alter our whole mood for the day. We start out feeling sluggish and unwilling to do anything but after showering we’re given an instant pick me up and are ready to face the day.

    Read / Journal / Update planner

    Read books that will feed your soul. Whatever topic or genre you feel compelled to read, dive into that. If you choose not to read then you can journal your thoughts and feelings. Oh, and don’t forget to keep your planner up to date for the day, week, and month so no appointments are forgotten.

    Unplug from social / Turn off ringer

    Unplugging from social and/or keeping your ringer off is a way to guarantee that your morning routine will not be disturbed. Social media timelines can be overwhelming at times and that’s not the first thing you want to look at in the morning.

    Set goals for the day

    Have things to do for the day? Now is your time to map them out so you can clearly see how your time will be spent for the day.

    Recite positive affirmations

    Reciting positive phrases to yourself in the mirror may sound silly but I assure you it’s not. Telling yourself these positive messages will empower you, help your focus on your goals, and most importantly, removes negative self-doubt from your mind.

    Spend time on a hobby or new activity

    Working on a hobby or discovering a new one is always fun. Work on a puzzle, learn to knit, or take up photography – the possibilities are endless on how you want to spend your time.

    morning self-care routine

    Click For Free Printable Download: Free Morning Self-Care Routine (887 downloads)

  • The ‘Whole Human Mama’ Planner’ Subscription Is Just What Mom Needs

    Whole Human Mama Planner mommyrandr valerie pierre

    The Whole Human Mama Planner is perfect for moms no matter the occasion. Created by Graeme Seabrook, the Whole Human Mama Planner is a subscription to help moms stay connected. The purpose of this planner is to help you thrive not only as a mom but as a person.

    Because it’s a planner subscription you’ll receive a new planner every four months. This means you’ll be working with a thinner planner that spans 3 months. But just because it’s thin that doesn’t mean it’s not giving moms what we need to get through the month.

    Here’s what you can expect with the Whole Human Mama Planner:

    A monthly priorities page that features a section for important dates, goals, project lists, and self-care.

    A full monthly and weekly spread with a space section and enough area to add notes.

    Weekly to-do list page for yourself, the family, and for your home.

    A full-page spread to express your thoughts and feelings.

    Weekly meal planner and habit tracker.

    A project planner to jot down any new work projects or home DIYs that may come to mind.

    A weekly wrap-up that gives you sections to celebrate your wins, things you’re letting go of, and to write a letter to yourself about your week.

    Additionally, you’ll receive a small lined notebook that can be used for diary entries, notes, or whatever your heart desires plus a small pin, bookmark, stickers, digital goodies, and lastly one free month membership to The Mom Center. The Mom Center is a community that helps, supports, and uplifts women as we guide ourselves through the journey of motherhood.

    I like this planner because it’s undated so if you miss a month you can easily go back the next month without a gap, it easily fits in your purse, and it’s motivational. The start of each month gives you a new quote to inspire you.

    The cost of the subscription is $100.00. You can order a subscription for yourself, your mom, or a mom friend here.