unnamedLast week I told you about the ID Pop Shop happening at Chelsea Market. It’s a pop up shop that will run from Saturday, Dec 6 to Friday, Dec 12 and will feature more than two dozen NYC based independent designers. Some nights ago I met up with my friend Marcy of Women’s Mafia to take a tour of ID Pop Shop and meet the designers behind their designs.

    Meeting these fabulous creators just made me love the idea of this pop up shop even more, because it allows the masses to connect with the designer on a more personal level. You see their product you’re instantly able to bond with them in way that you can’t with larger corporations.  You feel like its personalized shopping and not 1 person in a sea of forgettable many. You hear the stories and the inspiration that’s behind each piece and the hard work that went into handmaking those items.

    Seeing it for myself confirms that I was not lying when I told you by shopping here you could easily get something for every person you know. To prove it, I’m going to shop for my husband, both my kids (under 5yrs), my mom and 1 girlfriend. I will do it without leaving the confines of the shop and I will spend under $250…you ready?!

    Untitled4Husband: I could stop at Morphicism and get him a MORPH Deskits. This kit will allow me to add several of my husbands favorite comic book characters and scenes to one frame. The individual photos are on a built in track giving him the ability to slide the photos from left to right thus allowing him morph the original art design into infinite art designs. It’s one of a kind art without paying one of a kind prices. You can get 1 is $25.


    20141208_185627Kids: My kids were born in the city and Kips Kids will allow them to learn about the city they live in. Both of them are into books and the NYC theme of their books are just perfect! The bight colors, city theme and landmarks backgrounds are perfect fun for every stage of learning. They also have very cool t-shirts with catchy phrases kids love. Books are $17 and t-shirts are $20.



    Mom: My mom loves a great purse so over to Elaine Arsenault I go. She has the most amazing handbags. They are so chic and multifunctional. You can carry it to the office, to a dinner date or a fun night out with the girls. The materials used in addition to the precision in which these bags are woven together make it the ultimate must have for every woman. They come in different sizes, the small tote $118.  



    20141208_183134Friend 1: Stopping by the http://www.RicaBody.com table I knew that I could get this for my best girl. She really needs a free moment to herself and a hot soak with some amazing all natural handmade oils, scrubs, balms and salt  products are just what her body needs to feel rejuvenated and recharged. Oat & Honey Milk Bath $36.



    See!! What did I tell you…everyone under 1 roof for a total of about $220 and to think that’s just 4 of the designers that were there. So image with an even bigger budget how much more awesomeness you could rack up on, not only holiday shopping but just shopping any time of the year. To find the perfect holiday gifts for those loved ones in your life make sure you stop by before Friday (tomorrow) at 7:30pm cause if you go a minute after THAT’S IT! Check out the complete list of designers and the hours on the Chelsea Markets website.

    Photo Credit: Morphicism website & Elaine Arsenault website



    Teleflora has announced their ‘Homemade for the Holidays’ floral decorations. They can be the perfect edition to your already existing decorations, used as dinner centerpieces or just gifts for loved ones and friends. There are a plethora of options to choose from in their Christmas section, which cover a number of different styles and sizes.

    But it doesn’t stop there, Teleflora has teamed up with Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss to bring you these three exclusive collection of arrangements that come with keepsake vases and their own recipes. They are truly the gifts that keep on giving.




    If you’re seeking gorgeous flowers and wreaths they also have you covered with a wide variety arrangements for all tastes and budgets.

    Ornament Bouquet
    Merry & Bright Bouquet
    Hug Precious Penguin Bouquet

    In addition, to creating these amazing arrangements there are also hosting a giveaway in which the winner (and a travel buddy) will win a 5 day 4 night stay in NYC and meet Buddy Valastro. The giveaway will end on December 21. To enter visit Teleflora’s Facebook page for details.

    For more information about these arrangements please visit Teleflora online or call them at 800-835-3356.

    Photo Credit: Teleflora


    10802698_1577633585792788_1702705875_nI was invited to attend a private early Thanksgiving turducken dinner party with Elchelon Foods hosted by Johanna Cook better known as Momma Cuisine. What’s a turducken? Well this particular one was a partially deboned turkey with a layer of chicken, duck breast fillet and stuffed with Italian sausage…and its delicious! If I could sum up this entire dinner in 5 words I’d say, YOU NEED TO EAT THIS!

    Prior to attending this event I’d only heard of turducken but never had a taste.  I should admit that I’m not a turkey person but I do love chicken and I’ve never had duck but I can eat Italian sausage with everything. Let me tell you, when I took my first bite I knew that I had a new first love. Which is why I’m going to tell you where you need to go so that you can savor this meat from heaven for yourself. First step is to go to Costco either in person or online, get a turducken (which is already seasoned for you), preheat your oven, slide the defrosted deliciousness inside and wait …*cue jeopardy music…okay, so, it’s gonna take a lot longer than that but you get the point. Once its cooked to perfection, serve and watch the meat magically disappear. If you blink then you will surely miss how quickly it’ll vanish.

    PicMonkey Collage

    20141118_195343Usually, when people attend a dinner party they end up going for the booze and conversation but that doesn’t happen at a Momma Cuisine dinner party.  I tell you no lie when I say there was loads of wine left over, which was quite tasty as well. There was so much eating and eyeballing the remains of favorite platters that no one had time to worry about more wine.

    In addition, to the bird of honor Johanna and her team also whipped up a second turducken, which was a pork free chicken apple flavor. There was also rice salad, brussel sprouts, red potatoes, green salad, sliced bread drizzled with olive oil and for dessert there was mixed berries. Everything was cooked to perfection and mouthwateringly delicious! Each bird can serve up to 12 people with healthy portions so don’t worry about there not being enough if you’re hosting a small dinner party of your own.

    20141118_204009What I also loved was everything that was prepared, as well as other recipes on her website are quite easy for anyone to recreate. That’s good news for those of us who are not that talented in the kitchen. I am not ashamed to admit that about myself. My expertise is mixing drinks so I stick with that. But Johanna has given me a ray of hope at the end of my smokey burnt tunnel. Thanks to her I can make quick, easy and inexpensive meals that I can be proud of.

    Why wait for a  holiday or a special occasion to create something new for those you love? Check out her recipe page for year round meal and cocktail ideas. Your tummy will thank you for it!






    I was invited by Nicole of Momtrends to preview a new documentary film called ‘40 Weeks‘. The film presented by Big Belli follows more than a dozen diverse families on their journey from plus sign to delivery.

    40 Weeks is a touching documentary that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions as each family shares their story and it’s those stories that allow you to immediately become vested in each family. By the end of the film you no longer see them as the stars but friends who are simply sharing the personal highs and lows of pregnancy exclusively with you. Also, by the end of the film it makes you wish there was more.

    What else I loved about the film was that it didn’t feel forced. It didn’t come off as people saying things the creators wanted the audience to hear. This was an honest to goodness sharing of personal truths.

    This film will move everyone who sees it so it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get pregnant, on your first baby or your third, the film does a brilliant job of touching on the questions and emotional concerns that plague every mom during her pregnancy journey.

    This is easily my favorite film of 2014! It will put you in such great spirits….maybe even to have another baby. Yeah, I thought that about mid way through. Its that’s good. If you would to preview this film there will be a showing at the Union Square 14th Street in NYC theater on Monday, December 8 at 7:30pm. To buy your tickets CLICK HERE.

    I remember my 40 weeks x 2 very well and aside from suffering from PUPPS (read ‘My Birthing Story‘ to find out what that is) and the worse case of acid reflux its safe to say that I had every single thought and expressed every single emotion these women were going through. It’s a crazy thing to know that you’re growing a person inside of you that would depend on you for everything. It makes you feel completely overjoyed and scared all at the same time. Quite frankly, I still feel that way now and I suspect that I always will. What thoughts and emotions did you feel during your pregnancy?