Valentine’s Day

  • 10 Hilariously Sarcastic E-Cards That Sum Up Valentine’s Day Perfectly

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    When you think of a Valentine’s Day card you think of love and romance. However, the good folks over at Someecards have a very different idea in mind. Their cards are the epitome of sarcasm and hilarity. They say what we’re all thinking but won’t ever say out loud and for this reason, I chose the 10 of their most sarcastic Valentine’s Day cards.

    I’m going to need you to keep in mind these cards aren’t for everyone. There are some people who would be highly offended if they got one instead of the traditional lovey-dovey card. I personally wouldn’t care cause these cards are right up my alley cause I mean I’ve been with Jeff 21 years and yes, it’s a fucking miracle that I’m not sick of his face. Or he mine.

    Despite what those who are offended may think, I honestly believe inappropriate comedy is how you keep the romance going. Yes, good ole fashion laughter. Cause, hey listen, if you can’t laugh with the one you’re with then what the fuck are you with them for?

    So here are some laughs to enjoy between you and your partner.











    To send one of these cards to your loved one click the photographs or visit their website.

    What are your thoughts on sarcastic Valentine’s Day cards? Are they something you would want to receive or not?

    Photo credit: Someecards