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Decorate Your Wellness Planner with These Wellness Stickers

Now that you’ve got your wellness planner it’s time to decorate it, and what better way to do that than with wellness stickers. I’m gonna be super honest with you I had a really hard time finding self-care/wellness stickers. Which I’m really surprised by because I would have thought with the number of self-care/wellness planners […]

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Building My Empire with the 2019 Pipsticks + Workman Planner

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links that provide this website a small commission of every link purchase made. For the past month and a half, I’d been eyeing this 2019 Pipsticks + Workman planner in Barnes & Noble. Every time I go in there the display case whisper calls me, “Vaaaalerieeeee. Vaaaalerieeeee. Buy me, Valerie.” […]

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