Photo Credit: Teleflora

Do you smell that? In the air? It smells like, flowers…and chocolate. So, you know what that means don’t cha? Valentine’s Day is approaching!

A day of celebrating love with the person who you love the most. Now despite my rough exterior when it comes to romantic things, I  must admit that I secretly (not a secret anymore) love flowers. Like seriously, a home is not complete without a flower.  Real or fake.

So when I got invited to tea hosted by my friends from Teleflora to preview their #WhatIsLove line of flowers for this Valentine’s Day I knew I had to go. If you’re not familiar with Teleflora (hard to believe since they’ve been around for more than 81 years), they deliver flowers and other goodies to your door. With 13,000+ participating florists in the U.S. and more than 20,000+ outside of North America it means you’ll be sending (and receiving) the very best.

Now what makes them the best is a number of reasons, such as, their amazing customer service, the fact that they want to hear from you if you’re not satisfied with your order, and – this is a biggie, their flowers come prearranged in a vase with water. They are not put in a box and dropped on your doorstep which leaves you scrambling to find a vase, that may or may not hold your flowers. Who wants to deal with that? Not I.

For the 2016 Valentine’s Day season Teleflora did not hold back as they teamed up with Hannah Brechner, owner of The World Needs More Love Letters. A global organization that sends love notes to people all over the world who are in need of a little support and love. The idea started 3 years ago from a blog post that Hannah published asking people if they wanted to receive a love note, and from there an idea came to be and grew into what it is today. Hannah was also in attendance and provided everyone with cards to write love notes to the person whom means the most to us. I’m not one for sappy stuff, but I really liked this. It allowed me to reflect about how much Jeff means to me, and how I’m looking forward to another 19 years together.


And to continue sharing the love I am giving away a $100 Teleflora gift complete with cards from More Love Letters. This giveaway will run from Friday, January 22-29 to make sure that you get your arrangement just in time for Valentine’s Day. To enter complete the form below: