Solitude In The City is a series in which I locate places in the city where moms can go for a little R+R.

Last Thursday I found myself with a lot of free time while attending a conference in Chelsea, and it was during this free time that my new friend Diane from philZENdia and I discovered Chelsea Waterside Park. And despite the rising blistering NYC heat we decided to take a stroll in the hopes of finding a shady bench to rest our feet. I told her about my plan to locate places for moms in the city to retreat to and we both agreed this would be a perfect location for a new Solitude in the City.


I had just met Diane that morning, as we were attending the same conference. So unlike my Solitude in SOHO where I was alone to enjoy quietness of the city, this time I would do it with a new friend.

I have to say there is nothing better than discovering something new and great with a new friend. The trees, flowers and peaceful flow of the Hudson River gave us the peace our minds and bodies so desperately needed after such a long grueling day, and it also allowed us to connect and swap stories about ourselves and our families.


When we weren’t laughing we sat in silence taking in everything around us. Sometimes the best thing two people can do together is enjoy quiet time. It allows each person to reflect on things going on in their lives or to just organize their mind, and I pretty sure that I can speak for her when I say, that is exactly what each of us needed at the moment. And even though I am a big talker, it felt great to just chill and reflect while our skin slowly melted off our bones into puddles of chocolate beneath our bench. Yes, it was that hot.

I also noticed sitting there that despite being so close to the West Side Highway you really couldn’t hear the sounds coming from the highway. I don’t know if it was because the trees served as a sound proof bubble or maybe I was so deep in thought I was actually able to tuned out the sounds of NYC without the use of a headset. Either way its a perfect place to get lost in thought.

So on a not so hot day, unless you love 90+ degree weather I recommended Chelsea Waterside Park for a little solitude in the city. I don’t know how far this park stretches but I entered at 23rd street right next to Chelsea Piers. But this is a must if you’re looking for an escape. And there’s grass so bring a blanket and picnic basket, and prepare for a quiet day at the park.