unnamed Today is the first official day of shopping for the holiday season. If you’re in New York City and you’re looking for holiday gifts for your loved ones. Then you’ll want to visit ID Pop Shop happening at Chelsea Market. From December 6 – 12 shop more than two dozen of New York City’s finest independent designers who are showcasing a wide variety of products from apparel, jewelry, accessories and more!

For more than 3 years the ID Pop Shop has become a staple in the Meatpacking District for those who are seeking gifts not easily found anywhere else. The shop is so diverse you could shop for your partner, the kids, in laws and grandparents under one roof! How often does that happen? Never. Which is why I recommend ID Pop Shop at Chelsea Market be your go to destination for your holiday shopping needs.

There are few items that caught my eye. I’ve been salivating over the emerald earrings by Kimberlin Brown jewelry. I don’t attend many fancy functions but I’ll for sure wear them to Target as I feel any trip to there deserves your Sunday’s best. Then there were The Golden Girls coasters by Urban Cricket. I swear this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen to be split with 4 women who have an unbreakable bond. Each can pick a character that they feel is most like them. Is anyone else singing the theme song? Finally, there are the handbags designed by Elaine Arsenault. Every mom of young children loves a good bag that doesn’t resemble a diaper bag. I recently ditched my diaper bag after 4 years of usage so I’ll happy take a new purse, one in each color please and thank you!




If you wish to visit the Pop Shop it will open next Saturday, December 6 from 10:30am – 7:30pm. Get there early so that you can get a peek and purchase some of these items before they inevitably become sold out. In addition to the designers listed here others include:

Amy Leiner Designs
Antic Q Eyewear
Atelier Danielle Gisiger – NEW!
Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry
Daniela Boari
Elaine Arsenault
Hanky Blanky
Hortensia Handmade – NEW!
Iwona Ludyga Design
JQ Loves U
Kimberlin Brown Jewelry
Kip Kids of New York
Kyoko Honda Jewelry
Loella Medina Handcrafted Jewelry – NEW!
Mary Mendez Collection
Rebecka Froberg Jewelry
RICA Bath & Body
Sonja Fries
Sophia Costas
Urban Cricket
Vernakular Photo Designs

Chelsea Market
ID Pop Shop
75 9th Avenue (Between 15th and 16 Streets)
Dec 6-12, 2014
10:30am – 7:30pm