Yeah, the holidays are all about family fun excitement and wonderful decorations. But, let’s face it, everything leading up to those happy moments can be taxing as holiday stress is hands down the one thing people dread about the holiday season.

Beginning Black Friday through December 24th you’ll battle seemingly unending lines in every store, come up short for that one gift the kids had to have and/or dealing with family members who have long overstayed their welcome. Which begs the questions – why don’t more people shop online more? What’s so special about this dam toy? And why do some folks insist on treating your house like a Holiday Inn? These are answers the world may never know.

Thankfully, there is something that I do know – five ways we can ditch the holiday stress so that we can finally enjoy the season.

Celebrate New Years At Home

holiday stress

New Year’s Eve signifies the end of another year gone by too fast while welcoming the start of a new one that we hope will be better than the last. Some make it a point to go out on this night. I do not. It’s too expensive for one and because I’m in the northeast it’s too cold. Yes, I can travel to chase the warmer weather but, that would lead me back to my previous point. I find that removing the pressure of going out it will make your life (and your finances) feel little less stressed. So what do you do at home? Put on your pj’s, get a bottle of champagne and settle in front of the television and let Ryan Seacrest do all of the work. Or you can watch the Honeymooners marathon.

Have Sexy Time

Playing “footies” under the covers is a great way for you and your partner to unleash pent-up holiday stress. It’ll not only allow you to connect physically with one another, but it’ll also help rid your bodies of those dreaded holiday calories. By making the effort to spend intimate time together whether spontaneous or scheduled, it’s showing that you care about your relationship and you’re not letting hindrances get in the way of spending quality time together.

Unplug From Everything

holiday stress

Get off the grid. That’s it. Let family and friends know that you’re going to be unreachable for a day or so.  This will get your mind and body back in sync with each other. Enjoy the time you spend together. If you want to capture these moments do it more for prosperity and less for Facebook likes. Simply be in the moment and treasure it.


Can’t get that sexy time? Hit the gym and burn those frustrations off there. Don’t want a membership? Look for drop-in classes that will allow you to pay for 1 or 6. Groupon is your friend. There are a number of classes that you can partake in from yoga, spin to dance classes. But if you are interested in a membership, then you should seek sweet new years membership deals.

Go On Vacation

holiday stress

What better way to celebrate the end of the holiday season than a family vacation. A lot of families I know are hitting the road to destinations where the weather feels more like summer than winter. Think about it, you have a white snowy Christmas one week and the next week you’re soaking up the sun in Hawaii or the Caribbean. If this is something you’d want to look into then I suggest checking out Groupon (I swear they have everything) and signing up for weekly Jetblue Cheeps which lists of deeply discounted flights all over the country. If you want to stay local and drive somewhere I suggest checking-in after the first of January when rates are at their lowest.

These are only but a few ways that we can avoid holiday stress in our lives this time of year.  Do you have your own personal ways of decompressing from all of the holiday stress?