spa mommyrandr valerie pierre

Christmas is almost here and you still don’t have gift? How about make your own! Calm down all you non-DIYers, this project is super easy and you don’t have to be an expert to pull it off. The project I’m talking about are gift baskets. You can usually buy these but I like making them because you 1. don’t have to spend a lot of money (unless you want to) and 2. I can put my own little special something in there.

Making baskets can be fun because you can buy a nice mixture of items to include it in. They can be products the person loves or something new for them to discover. The possibilities are endless.

For this super simple tutorial I’m going to make a spa themed basket. I chose this because I spent all year saying I was going to the spa and I never got there. I know I can’t be the only person in this position. So I’ll make a basket to have the spa experience at home. You can make your basket theme whatever you want it to be.

Let’s get started….

Step One: Get A Large Basket

spa mommyrandr valerie pierre

The basket should be large and sturdy. It should have handles of some sort for easy carrying, and also make sure the wicker has enough holes that so that you can additional decoration.

Step Two: Weave Decoration Into Basket

spa mommyrandr valerie pierre

As gently as you can weave in your basket decorations. I only used this one holiday flower to decorate one side. If they had one more I would have added it to the other handle as well. But I think it looks nice as is. Don’t worry about seeing the stem now. You won’t see it after the next step.

Step Three: Layer The Basket

spa mommyrandr valerie pierre

Since its the holiday season I used the white glittery fluffy tree base cover thing. I call it the tree stump cover. Fold this and place it inside the basket. This is why it doesn’t matter if you saw the stem from the flower decoration from the previous step.

Step Four: Fill The Basket

spa mommyrandr valerie pierre

Remember to get enough items to fill your basket. It doesn’t have to be filled to the brim. But let it be just enough to complete the experience. Also add some holiday ribbon and candy canes to complete your basket decor.

The last step is to wrap in clear cellophane wrap and add a bow and tag. I’ll go to Michael’s for these two items and add a card. It’s nothing perfect (cause I suck at DIY) but no one is looking at that. It’s truly the thought that counts and the usefulness of everything within the basket.

I hope this quick how-to will help you with your last minute gift giving ideas. If you make a basket what theme are your considering?

*This basket featured Westlab, The Spa Dress, Petal Fresh and Dip Into Pretty, who were all mentioned in the 2017 Holiday Guide. Additional items featured: A Mindful Eveningcandle (candle in pic is from Target) and Revlon nail polish