It’s National Vodka Day and what better way to celebrate than to discuss cocktail recipes. Tenia Grant Ballard from DomesticDEEVAH has a new chic cocktail e-book out called, Drink Sexy Low-Cal Cocktails For The Curve Conscious Woman.

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I’ve been following Tenia on Instagram for god knows how long, so when I saw she had a new cocktail e-book I knew I had to get a copy. Y’all know how I love to drink. But the problem with cocktails are the calories. ? Hey listen, I can only pretend for so long that I’m not drinking three times my weight in cocktail calories.

Which makes ‘Drink Sexy’ such a fortune find. These fun and super easy to make recipes are not only perfect for any and every occasion, but will allow you to indulge without worrying if you’re blowing your diet with high calorie cocktails. I needed too catch up with Tenia to find out how this e-book came to be and if we could expect more from her in the future.

What inspired you to write Drink Sexy?

Many of our followers and friends would ask us for low calorie drink ideas. They loved cocktails but hated how many calories many of them were. A standard restaurant margarita is about 800 calories, and seriously who’s drinking just one?

Is Drink Sexy only for health conscious drinkers or is it for anyone?

Drink Sexy is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re counting calories or just looking for a new recipe to try. It’s also not just for women…guys can definitely benefit from our book too.

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Tenia Grant Ballard

What is your favorite recipe from the book?

The Deevah Mary. We love a good bloody Mary, so we created our own with a twist on it. Pickle Juice is our secret ingredient.

Do you have any plans to write future books for curve conscious women?

Hmmm…we’re not sure. We do however plan on releasing several more books ranging from how to throw a cocktail party to proper wine etiquette. But you never know, if there’s a demand for something, we just may release something else for the curve conscious woman.

Thanks Tenia for taking the time to chat. I am so excited for your new e-book. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes and I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for Cocktails and Drapes.

Get your copy of Drink Sexy today for download for only $10 and by using promo code: MOMMY at checkout you’ll receive 20% off. Make sure to visit Tenia at and follow her across social media:  Instagram, on Facebook and Twitter.