Let’s talk about jeans shall we. They are the bane of many women’s existence. Why? Because we’re always on the hunt for the “perfect pair”. That can be hard to do that when you keep finding pairs that smash your butt, look like ugly mom jeans from 1980 something or are so tight in certain areas that it makes it hard to walk. These are just some of the reasons why women skip the jean section and head straight for the the yoga pants.

Its a sad fact that jean shopping just really isn’t considered fun. It can be hard work. Searching store after store, design after design only to find nothing fits you like it should. And who wants to deal with that when shopping is supposed to be considered fun and relaxing. I know I don’t.

So when I received an invitation to attend a special event for the release of Heavenly Touch Denim Riders by Lee. I thought, yay jeans! But I also thought, these jeans will probably end up not fitting right either and I’ll end up trying to find someone who would be able to wear them. This is how deep jean depression is ingrained. I wasn’t at the event yet and I was already dreading the fitting room.

This is why women get so excited when they find a pair they love because they’ve already told themselves prior that this pair will be like all the rest, and when they aren’t we can’t contain ourselves. You see us posing in the mirror from all angles cause we just can’t believe what we’re seeing.

Now back to the event – it took place at 230 Fifth, a rooftop bar in New York City. There was delicious bites (that shrimp tho), delicious cocktails, and and of course jeans! And tops too!


And for an added treat noted fashion illustrator Jennifer Lilya was sketching those in attendance.



The view of The Empire State Building and New York City as a whole from 230 Fifth is quite amazing, though you can’t really tell from the fog.

lee jeans

When I arrived at the event we were greeted and given our personally selected jeans to try on. It must be said I’ve never owned a pair of Lee jeans. Ever. Now I have heard of them. I mean who hasn’t? They’ve been around since 1889! Let that date sink in your mind. This is company who obviously knows a lot about jeans. But would that long standing rep be able to win me over?

So I take my jeans and head to the fitting room. I can feel the anxiety building up in my stomach. I opened them up and inspected them. The first thing I noticed about them was how soft they were. They didn’t feel like jeans at all. They were soft and stretchy. They didn’t have that hard jean feel to them. You know the kind that doesn’t really give when you put them on. These were quite the opposite. I suddenly didn’t have a pit of worry anymore.

As I slid into them it felt like

I could swear these jeans were lined with cotton balls. I instantly felt cozy. And when I went to button them there was no need to hold myself in. They closed with no issue and I was happy to see the button wasn’t up to my neck. I hate jeans that are not high waisted, yet button covers your bellybutton. I don’t know about you, but I like my belly button to breathe and these Lee’s let mine do just that. In addition to their comfort and button placement, I love how stylish they are. There is nothing ‘mom jeans’ about these Heavenly Denims. They are truly for the woman who wants to look chic and put together whether she’s running errands or having a night on the town.

I instantly fell in love with these jeans and decided right then and there that I’d be keeping them on for the rest of the evening. And I wasn’t alone in that thought as everyone kept their Lee’s and shirts on.

lee jeans

But I took it step further and wore mine again the very next day. How could I not? I knew I would be traveling all over the city with the kids on the train and they would be what I needed to survive all day.

These Riders by Lee Heavenly Denims are my new favorite jeans, with more than one style available I plan to get them all.

Photo Credit: Rider by Lee