When Beyonce dropped Formation earlier this month, she was literally like

And since then, I don’t think the Earth’s rotation has been the same.

Love it or hate it, the song is everywhere and plenty of people are trying to learn the steps.

Myself included, cause my formation moves around the house just ain’t cutting it.

Now as you remember from my I can’t dance post, you know this will be an almost impossible feat on my own. But thanks to a Facebook ad for DivaDance Company popping up on my screen, I learned starting the month of March they will be offering weekly Beyonce ‘Formation’ choreography classes that will run for four consecutive weeks.

I immediately signed-up.

Created by Jami Stigliano, DivaDance Company is a New York City based dance studio that’s been serving up fun and sexy choreographed dance movies since 2003. Named “Best Dance Class” by AM NY, and coupled with their 5-star Yelp reviews, I knew I they would be the best ones to get me into rhythmic formation.

Photo Credit: DivaDance

With a motto of LET YOUR HAIR DOWN DivaDance values having fun and celebrating life at any age and ability level! Which is perfect for anyone who is seeking to cut loose their two left feet and have a little fun in a judgement free environment.

Classes will start on Wednesday, March 2 and be instructed by Tiana Murray, and conclude on Wednesday, March 23.

divadance company
Photo Credit: DivaDance

My goal at the end of this four week class is to go from novice to a master dancer. In other words, I want to slay. All day.

So call your girls, clear your calendars for the next four Wednesday’s and click here so yall can get into formation with me. Tickets are $85 ($21.25 per week, so worth it!) and classes are after work like a hump day happy hour. Don’t drag your heels on this one cause this class will be packed with those who’ve come to prove they’ve got some co-or-din-a-tion.

And they aren’t only hosting Beyonce choreography, there are classes for Justin Bieber (which is currently wait list only), Britney Spears and many other artists. There are single day classes or classes that run over several weeks, and if  it’s a special celebration like birthday or bachelorette party they also have private parties. For more information and class pricing visit DivaDance Company and I hope to see you there.

*Please remember all thoughts and opinions are my own and the only compensation I will be receiving are complementary passes for the purpose of this series.

Cover Photo Credit: Teen Vouge (via YouTube)