I have been a fan of Breyers since I was a wee little one. And since my mom prefers her ice cream on a stick, it was my aunt who would introduce me to the brand. When I would sleepover I always looked forward to her giving me a scoop of Breyers Vanilla Bean. To me Breyers was like no other, and as I sat at the table smiling ear to ear staring into my bowl of sprinkle covered ice cream I thought, “nothing can get better than this!”

*Fast forward 30 years*

Breyers totally blew my taste buds away the other day with their gelato indulgence line. With flavors ranging from Vanilla Caramel, Raspberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Triple Chocolate, Cappuccino, Strawberry Truffle, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel. Because I can be a plain Jane, I choose the Vanilla Carmel flavor to start. Other flavors to taste will come soon. But for right now I only have room in my freezer for 1, not to mention I’d be too tempted to eat them all in one day. While its an impossibility, I don’t want my stomach taking it as a challenge.

I recorded myself on Snapchat (@MommyRandR) trying it for the first time. I have never had gelato before and didn’t know what to expect. What I got could only be described as decadent party in my mouth. The texture was light but the flavors are rich. Like Oprah RICH! Every bite caused my eyes to close so that I could enjoy every single bite.

My reaction after several bites was…

The ingredients in the Vanilla Caramel is literally just that, vanilla and caramel, with caramel shavings. So when you open the package you are assaulted with the scent of the ingredients. Your nose knows your stomach is about to have a good time.  The caramel shavings are across the top and the liquid caramel is mixed throughout the container. Therefore, every bite you take it will have caramel. Which is a great thing cause there’s nothing worse than finding an ingredient only on the top layer. Breyers seriously got this dessert right, as if they could ever get it wrong.   breyersI could say this is the kinda treat that you eat alone when you kids are at school or sleeping. But this is too special to eat alone, you need a companion. Grab your partner and snuggle up at home or in the park with an exclusive Breyers Date Night Kit (shown left). It contains a bag, blanket, 2 spoons and a container of Breyers Gelato Indulgences. Take the time to not only enjoy the pleasure of each others company, but also a delicious dessert that you won’t have to share with the kids.   And to make that date night (or afternoon) happen I am giving away to 1 lucky U.S. resident winner a Breyers Date Night Kit. This is not sold in stores, you can only get this here!

If you want to try Breyers Gelato Indulgences before the giveaway ends it can be found in your frozen dessert secetion of the supermarket. This weekend I plan to try another flavor, since I managed to polish off the entire container in 2 days.

Have you tried this flavor, or any of the flavors before? How did you like them?

*Please note for the purpose of this review and future reviews I was given complimentary Breyers Gelato Indulgences. All thoughts and opinions are my own.