me timeWhen I decided to take on the role of full time event coordinator and blogger in early 2014 I thought the work wouldn’t be too difficult. I thought I’d spend a couple of hours out of the week organizing events and blogging. Easy, right? Wrong. Very wrong assumption. This is the most demanding career I’ve ever had. Yes, I said career as I have decided that I will not return anyone’s cubicle. I enjoy what I do so much that I’m dedicating myself to it full time. There is so much more underneath the surface of the blogging world that I can’t even begin to explain it all. Coupled with the long grueling hours and a workload that piles up quicker than the laundry its important that I share myself equally with those who are around me.

How do I do that? I set scheduled times to help me balance my life so no one thing or person gets more attention than the other. When I first started blogging I’d be up til the wee hours of the morning and while my supportive husband would be okay with it, after a while it took its toll. He missed us getting in the bed together. Instead of us in bed him on his PSP and me on my phone, he would be left talking to my back while I sat at my desk and me replying without breaking keystroke stride. He was getting frustrated and so were the kids. They wanted to play but I would send them to him because I always needed 5 more minutes which would turn into another hour. My new found situation was not looking good, at all. I was flourishing but my home life and my me time were crapper.

So, I decided before my husband took up residency on the couch I would set schedules for everything. I would work smarter not harder. I would work in blocks of time. I would spend the mornings with the kids, lunch time and midday I would work, have family time when my husband got home and after we put the kids to sleep I would go back to work. But work for the night would stop at 10pm, the latest 11pm. And thanks to my trusty new whiteboard I’m able to keep to my schedule a lot better than how I was previously working before I had one.

In addition to working in blocks of time, I also bring my daughter to any children’s events that I’m invited to. So even though I’m at a work related function it still allows us to have fun mommy and daughter time. It’s simple effective multitasking at its best.

And now that I’m getting to bed earlier, my husband and I are able to spend quality time together without the distractions. We will lay in the bed and watch a movie and talk, or we might not talk at all. Sometimes silence is truly golden. And with the help of my mom we have date weekends once a month letting us be totally alone.

But, on those days where I want to be alone. I will go to my favorite stores and browse, sit in a quiet corner of Barnes and Noble and get lost in book or I will travel to New Jersey to hang with my girlfriends. Meeting with my friends is a treat as our schedules are everywhere. We’ll meet at our favorite restaurant and catch up. Those hook-ups are so important because these are women who I’ve known since high school. There’s a judgement free zone for us to vent our frustrations about what happening in our lives. We leave each other feeling 20 pounds emotionally lighter and our patience clock is reset allowing us to tackle anything without having that dreaded mommy rage.

Making sure that I properly schedule my life to make time for the 3 things that are most important to me is paramount. It gives me clarity and allows me to function at a level where I don’t feel as bogged down, overwhelmed or too tired. If you’re feeling like you’re taking on too much and don’t have enough hours in the day then try blocking times for certain things. Start with a few small things to test the waters and work your way up to multiple items. After the first couple of days of this new routine you will see how less stressed, overworked and tired you feel.

What are areas of your life do you need to schedule?